U.S. A mining town called Bodie


U.S. A mining town called Bodie. We are at that time where gold was the reason to be rich or simply, the reason to lose life. People coming from everywhere attracted by the Golden fever they brought cities out of nowhere. In the mid-19th century the reefs of Sierra Nevada They began to run out and the abandonment of many prosperous cities began leaving desolate places. Bodie is one of those cities but with two great caveats, it was the second most important city inCalifornia, only after the majestic San Francisco, and it is the largest located more than 2,500m above sea level.


The mining town of Bodie

Until in 1859 one W. Bodey did not discover a gold nugget in this place, Bodie was simply a large steppe covered with snow in winter and a green mantle in summer. As soon as gold was discovered the landscape changed and people came from everywhere. The first winter was terrible, since much of its population perished. It is not strange, since Bodie is hidden among the mountains, giving it a character of isolation where even today it is perceived, since it is not easy to get there.

The leaning house

Bodie had a population of10,000 inhabitants in its most flourishing time in the early twentieth century. He came to have a baseball team, 65 saloons, brothels, several mines and even a Chinatown.

Huge amounts of gold were obtained for almost 100 years in Bodie until a big fire and the gold shortage was leaving it little by little abandoned until in 1942 it was closed by government decree. During that time it went from being a rich city to a ghost town with a glorious past but with a devastated present.

Facades in Bodie

Currently there is only 5% of what Bodie was, but only with this small part can we get the idea of ​​what a city is at the time of the Golden fever. Today it is possible to see several bars, with their bars, tables full of dust, bottles and even the odd billiards. Besides, it is possible to visit a church, some shops and even a grocery store. The latter if you look out from the window, it is possible to see how the essence of the early twentieth century remains intact. It seems to have taken the time machine.

Bodie Stores

As in most of the California state parks must pay "tolls." In this case they are $ 7, a price you gladly pay because not every day you can disembark in the history of a ghost town. In the background it is cheap, since the entrance includes parking, visiting the museum and, above all, wandering streets with a lot of history.

The Bodie Church

Once the visit to Bodie is finished, with 3 hours are enough, we leave for Yosemite ParkWhere it depends on the day there may be more Sundays than bears, deer and squirrels together, but this is another trip and it's another story. Javier Blanquer

Practical data

When to go?

From mid-May until the end of October the park remains open from 9am to 6pm. In winter, with somewhat extreme temperatures, the park is open from 9am to 3pm. Before going on these dates, check the state of the roads and the snow part.

How to get?

From Mono Lake, take US-395 northbound, Lake Tahoe, and after 20km turn right onto CA-270 (eastbound). At the end of this road there is a stretch of land that is impassable in winter. If you come from Yosemite, this is your route.

On the other hand, if you come from Lake Tahoe, take US 395 southbound, Mono Lake / Yosemite and turn off on CA-270. From Lake Tahoe it's about 3 hours of travel.

What to wear

Well, this story, that without knowing it and reaching a town like this you can miss the essence of thinking that happened and that it was from this place. In addition, in winter you have to be very careful with the cold, since the town is usually covered with snow and sometimes with temperatures below zero. Even in summer there are times when a sweater can come in handy.

Where to sleep?

In a place like this, not sleeping in the middle of nature would be a sin. Camping is your option, next to fairytale lakes and snowy mountains where you can practice from hiking, skiing or canoeing. Possibly we are in one of the best places in the United States to spend a relaxing holiday.

  • Mono view RV Park. A beautiful campsite near Mono Lake.
  • Yosemite Gateway Motel. A small wooden hotel overlooking Mono Lake.
  • Silver Lake Campground Next to one of the most impressive lakes in the area, June Lake.
  • OH Ridge Campground Located in a privileged place for activities such as hiking or mountain biking.

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