Circular route from Mataelpino to La Maliciosa


From the Madrid town of Mataelpino there is an excellent route to Malicea, one of the most iconic mountains of the Sierra de Guadarrama. From this point in the north of Madrid there are several routes that leave for the Malicious. The first one from the Vista Real Urbanization, in Becerril de la Sierra and which we saw earlier and the one we are going to talk about today, the one that starts from Mataelpino by the Porrón Cancho through the Collado de las Vacas and the Maliciosa Baja, of 1,938m.

Before leaving

The circular route from Mataelpino to La Maliciosa is an excellent route through one of the crossings with the best views of the Sierra de Guadarrama. We speak of a route with views of almost the entire Community of Madrid, with the Navacerrada reservoir as a standard and in the background the 4 towers of the extension of the Castellana de Madrid. Is suitable for those who frequently go to the mountainas we talk about more than 1,200m of slope in just 12km. Like everything, if you go step by step there is no problem, but if you are in a hurry your physical form will be more than necessary. If you do it in spring or winter there will be areas where crampons and ice axes will be necessary, since there are areas of the Malicea's lafalda with abundant snow. Before leaving, as always, check the weather section and take the appropriate equipment to make this beautiful route.

Circular route to the Malicious

We arrive in Mataelpino by own transport and leave the car in a free land parking that is almost attached to the side of the mountain, right where the track that appears to the right of the article. Already from the starting point it is practically ascension, without leaving a single moment for the descent or the plains, all practically ascent.

Initially the climb is accompanied by a stream that falls in spring, the Arroyo de las Callejas, until reaching the slopes of Mataelpino that support the Porcho court in the picturesque Thread rope, connection point of the crossing to the Malicious.

Towards the skirt of the Malicious
From Mataelpino to the Malicious

Once on the Ice Rope, you can see Pedriza on the right and Mataelpino on the left, leaving the Porcho Cancho behind and the Malicious one. The ascent is gradual once on the rope, since we reach it at approximately 1,700m high. Once you arrive at the Malicious Low, the Malicious High appears before you, with one of the best views of this mythical mountain.

From Mataelpino to the Malicious

The map below shows the points through which the Rope of the thread passes until reaching the Malicious one, with the views of the Pedriza and Iron Heads.

Thread rope

In March or April, in months where there is still a lot Snow from the Malicious Low you have to carry crampons, but depending on the year they may not be necessary. Sometimes in this area it is possible to find runners standing when they reach the snow, since the conditions for them if they are not prepared are not optimal. However, it is not a dangerous area, so be careful it's easy to get to the top.

From Mataelpino to the Malicious
From Mataelpino to the Malicious

Once at the top it is practically the only place where you can find people. In the rest of the route, except for the descent, you are usually alone, since it is not one of the most frequented routes, since it is one of the hardest accesses due to the unevenness.

For the descent we choose instead to go to Becerril we take the very poorly marked route that goes down the Choker Creek, a beautiful discovery for us.

From Mataelpino to the Malicious

It is initially lowered by the path by which walkers who come from Sierra calf, until you reach a point where you have to Turn left, bypassing a hill and leaving the Malicious to the left. Before reaching this point it is possible to see the canals and roads where climbers climb in winter, as ice walls form in winter.

Down the road to Becerril de la Sierra

The descent through the stream of the choker is particularly beautiful, since in the time of thaw the stream falls with force and forms beautiful torrents and really high waterfalls. It seems incredible that in this place of the Sierra de Guadarrama you can find this type of landscape. A combination of high mountain with pools and waterfalls ideal for bathing in summer.

From Mataelpino to the Malicious

In addition, although the descent is by a really rocky road and ideal to win a good ankle sprain is a good point to take a good picture of the Malicious, since from this skirt you can possibly get the best views of this mountain. It is a combination between the limestone rock of northern Madrid with the green of spring and the thaw of winter.

As the Malicious one is left behind the road begins to be much more marked, like the one that appears to the left of the next photograph.

From Mataelpino to the Malicious

The stream leaves you in the former Ciudad de los Muchachos neighborhood, next to a dirt parking lot and a track that, taking it to the left, reaches the starting point of this crossing.

City of the Boys

Route Summary

As you can see, it is an excellent one-day route, although the unevenness is not an act for everyone. Anyway, if it is taken calmly, without haste, it is accessible, if there is no snow, to everyone. It has no technical difficulty, it simply has pending, but the effort in this case is clearly worth it.

As an anecdote of the route, during the descent we came across one of the most dangerous animals that inhabit these places, the viper. Right in the middle of the path, as if it wasn't with her, she was peacefully sunbathing. Be careful with them, their bite is not usually fatal in adults, but every year there is an occasional life.

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Practical data

How to get?

If you do not have a car you can take the bus 672 that leaves from Moncloa, in Madrid, that leaves you at the doors of the town of Mataelpino

BUS schedule 672

If you go by car the best option is to go by car on the Colmenar Viejo road

What to wear

In summer you have to take care of the sun, since the area lacks forest. There are shadows on the great granite walls and water in the streams. In winter it is convenient to bring material for that season, such as crampons, leggings or ice ax, as they will be necessary at the end of the stage. Anyway, everything will depend on the snow and ice.

Where to sleep?

Free camping

Free camping is prohibited throughout the Community of Madrid, although bivouac is allowed in certain areas. Even so, this route has excellent places to camp for free, but as it is forbidden, we are left with the desire.

Hotels in the area

  • Bluesense Sierra Madrid. A rural hotel with mountain view Spa
  • Giner de los Ríos Shelter. The classic refuge of La Pedriza
  • The roe deer In the direction of Navacerrada