Tunisia. The scenarios of Star Wars


Tunisia It has been chosen for years to house Star Wars scenarios (Star Wars). Used in all movies except in The Empire Strikes Back, has managed to leave a legacy of scenarios that today we can visit and relive those filming days that belonged specifically to the fictional planet by name Tatooine. Unfortunately the next films are being shot in Morocco, probably due to economic or political issues, given that Tunisia remains the perfect space to shoot the world of Star Wars.

Scenarios of Star Wars - Planet Tatooine

Tunisia. The scenarios of Star Wars

Mos Espa. An old mining colony in the Star Wars universe

Our adventure begins east of the city of Tozeurin full Tunisian desert. On board a series of 4 × 4 vehicles, we begin to cross this immense desert where the famous one has run on numerous occasionsTunisian Rally, preparatory test for those brave who participate in the acclaimedParis - Dakar, the most famous navigation test in the world.

Tunisian Desert - Star Wars Scenarios

After an hour of travel between large desert plains, crossing streams that lived better times and of course the famous dunes that populate the Sahara desert, We reach Ong Jmel o Camel neck. A stone rock on top of a mountain that serves as a reference to reach Mos Espa. Curiously, it is called Camel, but what really populates this desert are Dromedaries, those camelids with a single hump that are so confused with the Camels.

Tunisian Desert - Star Wars Scenarios

Later we will leave this curious figure after crossing a series of Dunes They never seem to end After the “up and down” we will reach Mos Espa, at Tatooine planet :-D, the scenarios of star wars. This set is private and its access costs only 1 or 2 dinars, which we will pay at the entrance car park.

Scenarios of Star Wars. What does Mos Espa reflect?

In the world ofStar wars, Mos Espa It was characterized as an old mining colony taken less. In fact, he no longer undertook this role, but was a place of refuge for bandits, murderers and smugglers, as well as being the home of one of the most famous characters in the Star Warsthe very same Jabba the Hutt. That big mole of meat that I was looking for Harrison Ford (Han Solo) to adjust the accounts.

Plató de Mos Espa - Star Wars

Its location is on the planet Tatooine and every year one of the most famous races in the universe was celebrated, the Boonta Eve pod race. In it a little boy named Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader in the future) was proclaimed champion before the astonished gaze of the inhabitants of Mos Espa and in spite of the numerous traps that his opponents made during the test.

Plató de Mos Espa - Tatooine Planet

Another distinguished resident was C-3PO (Anthony Daniels). The famous protocol robot that spoke thousands of languages ​​and that accompanied Luke Skywalker in his adventures with R2D2. Before following his "master Luke," he served at the orders of Anakin Skywalker that after finding it practically shattered, he rebuilt it using his skillful hands of a child prodigy.

Scenarios of Mos Espa - Star Wars

Let's not forget that Mos Espa it was also home to Watto. That winged salesman immune to the powers of conviction of the Jedi and who had as a slave to Anakin Skywalker, which helped him in his scrap shop. He was finally released by the teacher Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn, interpreted by Liam Neeson in the movie The Phantom Menace

Plató de Mos Espa - Tatooine Planet

The list of illustrious characters does not end here, but if you want to find more information there is a web on the subject with all kinds of details.

¿Star Wars scenarios. What state is Mos Espa in?

Mos Espa It is as it was left after finishing the filming of the last film. Almost everything has been preserved and the buildings have been restored as well as certain decorative elements, but just check that all this it's just cardboard stone and that the passage of time can end all infrastructures if they are not kept properly.

Mos Espa film set- star wars scenarios

Unfortunately there were things we did not like and it is precisely details such as animal abuse. In this case 2 desert skunks They were being used as a tourist attraction and the poor were certainly very sad, as opposed to cats that live freely in the area.

Another claim is the costumes. Be Darth vader, a Imperial soldier or even a Jedi Knight, all for the modest price of a few dinars.

As a curious detail is the interior of the buildings. They are practically empty or simply without any detail, exactly like the set of the Lord of the Rings. Some have even been buried by desert sand and others are full of mattresses where some people who care for the place sleep.

Salty lake of Chott el Djerid. The desert planet of Tatooine

Just a few kilometers away is the immense salt lake of Chott el Djerid or Planet Tatooine in Star Wars. Visually it is impressive and even more when we look at our altimeter and see that we were only 10m high, which means being very close to being a depression like the Dead Sea.

Salty lake of Chott el Djerid

In these Star Wars scenarios so atypical, scenes like the walks of Luke Skywalker aboard your personal flying vehicle. It was even the place where Luke's adoptive parents' house was (Lars Homestead). This house was demolished after finishing the film and later rebuilt to attract flourishing tourism.

Salty lake of Chott el Djerid

What can we do in the lake?

In addition to visiting the scenarios of Star Wars, we can cross the road that crosses it from Tozeur until Qibili. Make some stop and take curious pictures how are you.

Salty lake of Chott el Djerid - Denys of we travel together

As a final note, you have heard about the famous Desert Roses It really is a variety of plaster that takes the form of rose petals and that we will find as souvenir in many parts of Tunisia. These are usually extracted from the bottom of the lake a few meters away, leaving it in some areas as authentic gruyer cheese.

Other scenarios of Star Wars in Tunisia

  • Ksar Ouled Soltane : slave headquarters on Planet Tatooine.
  • Ksar Hadada : slave headquarters on Planet Tatooine.
  • Shubiel Gorge : our dear R2D2 was kidnapped by Jabba here. Another famous scene was when the menoreators attacked Luke Skywalker.

Practical data

When to go to the Star Wars scenarios?

The high season covers the months of June to August and Easter. Summer is very hot and the rest of the months it is very good during the day and cold at night.

Today there is little tourism and this is concentrated in summer. The revolution of the Arab Spring It has frightened tourists and now little by little the country begins to regain its splendor. Is now the best time to visit it? The answer is yes.

How much does it cost us? How to do it?

We can visit the Star Wars scenarios by rental car or by some tour. The latter is the recommended way if you want to cross the desert and its cost is around 100€/120€ (vehicle with driver + 4 seats). If you go by rental car there is a nearby paved road that leaves you just under 1 kilometer from Mos Espa from the city of Nephta.

Where to stay?

We stayed at the 4 * Hotel Ras el Ain from Tozeur. Comfortable rooms, with cable internet since the Wifi It only reaches the entrance hall and the main pool. It has an indoor pool for the colder months.

Where to eat?

We have to move to nearby towns like Tozeur, given that there are no food stores or restaurants in cinematic places. I recommend you try some arina balls similar to Gnocchi accompanied by dromedary meat.

Stew with dromedary meat

What to wear

We are in the desert ... So bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, a handkerchief in case you have to protect yourself from sand and lots of water.

Is it safe to visit / travel to Tunisia?

We have not seen any problem in this regard and the country is quite calm. Perhaps we are shocked that there are barbed wire fences in one of its squares, but this is because the government does not want potential protesters to camp in their squares.

I advise you to read our post on Security in Tunisia.

Other amazing places in Tunisia

  • The fort Borj El Kebir
  • Mides Oasis
  • Chebika Oasis

Additional Information

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