Don't be a coward, if you don't like your vacation, get wet!


There is a saying that says there is no worse blind than he who does not want to see, and a good example is when you do tourism. When you travel the sensations and feelings are exalted and help you live different moments and situations. Sometimes we exaggerate moments due to emotions or holiday relaxation. A sunrise or a simple conversation becomes memories for a lifetime, but we almost never stop to think because those moments do not always take place near home.

I know many people who are not able to say negatively about a destination just because he has spent more than 8 hours on a plane among other things ... Facebook for example praises and enlarges the moments, but really that place is so fascinating ?. There is one thing that we all have to be clear about, and the experience of having traveled is a degree, the company makes a trip fantastic or a disaster, but be careful, that does not mean that the destination is to fall on your back.

Don't be a coward

Many people ask us questions of the type, is it worth going? It's a pass, isn't it? Many of these questions come from what they are able to offer us the photography and video. I always say that the most realistic photograph is the simplest, the one that shows a beach, the building or a mountain from the angle that your own eyes would see. Many photographs, and I do not enter the subject of effects, are taken from angles, positions or corners to highlight something that is not, something that makes your imagination Encumbra or invent. It is true that from where you can not get it and it comes to my hair, although the monkey dresses in cute silk staysLittle can be done, but why isn't everyone able to write, speak and tell reality as it is?

This is really good company.

From the point of view of a conventional traveler One of the tools that have shown our vanities is Facebook. You buy a car, photo to Facebook, you are at the disco and you take a photo with some good aunts, immediate photo and without contemplations to Facebook, you are taking a Gin Tonic, photo to Facebook, you are on a beach lying in the sun, photo to Facebook, yes, you take the photo in such a way that the 1,000 tourists that you have around in Benidorm do not leave. Wrist injuries and impossible angles are the order of the day.

Cat or hare? = Hare, it's raining heavily

We live in a society where he rules, my vacations are better than yours. The farther the better. But few are sincere when it comes to attributing whether fate is worth it or not.

The opinion is important

Opinion is subjective, really. For bloggers like us every time we write it becomes a challenge. It is not the same to tell and show a destination from the eyes of a person who has traveled in more than 60 countries than when it is the first time you travel.

Feeling like a child, with eyes wide and mouth open, is getting more complicated because your mind and experience becomes more demanding. You have to count things as you perceive them and, above all, compare them from all possible angles. An example is India, a country that fall in love or disappoint. I still remember a few years ago in front of the computer with my hand shaking on the mouse when buying plane tickets. I was trembling not for traveling to India, but for the company that was waiting for me. The experience, and I repeat again, is a degree. Knowing in advance that the company were two friends and three couples, of which two of them did not know and had never left Spain, made my head spin and think three basic things. Lottery, total you don't know them, we are many in a van and best of all, India is amazing or disappointing, all depends on the type of traveler. If I had bet on sunk I would have lined up, there were encounters and disagreements, but I took a chance, I must be an unconscious or impulsive. That trip showed several things:

  • Your first trip outside your country cannot be an extreme destination
  • A trip has a fundamental pillar, good company
  • "Two" is company, three is crowd. 5 is the top
  • India is amazing, from my vision

In India

Do we count realities?

But of course, deep down we are somewhat cowardly and not sincere with ourselves. On the way back and when counting the trip Facebook became in the tool that heals everything. Let's see, if it seemed dirty, smelly and dangerous, don't say words like great or great. The most logical thing is that you say, a very large M or I will not return in my life. Let's be ethical, there are people who like to travel to destinations where the challenge is to plant an umbrella and there are others where adventure, different or even develop personally require it as a soul that the devil takes. Everything is respectable, but please, if you don't like it, be honest, nothing happens. Well, sometimes “Trolls” come out and put comments that generate controversy, but that's another story.

Final point

As an end point, another example but from Myanmar. He Inle Lake, a place for the idyllic moment, and a winery in the mountains with a French air. A few vinitos ?. That's what we think after taking a look at the Lonely Planet, which gets a little wet. Drinking wine outside certain countries is only for the brave, really, but when you have plenty of time you improvise. In the picture that comes so happy, ideal for Facebook, but that wine or the thirsty rat in Myanmar drinks it. Nice place? Yes, wine? Words are too much for me.

Having a wine in Myanmar, you kill them by the way ...
Come on, yes, I'm posing. That's what the photos are for 🙂


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