The 10 movies that have inspired us to travel - Why travel?

What movies have inspired us to travel? I had long wanted to write an article like this. I think everyone a good book or a good movie has helped us reflect more than once in our lives. I remember those hours reading some novel of Julio Verne and dreaming at the same time how to live one of his adventures. When we talk about cinema, we not only see it from a more visual perspective, but also from criticism. There are movies that move us, which invite us to discover new worlds or simply live new adventures. No matter what they represent historical or unreal moments, the important is that invite you to reflect and above all, to help you inspire you and take out what you have inside.

Monument Valley

The 10 movies that have inspired us to travel

We have selected 10 films that have inspired us to have this passion for traveling so inside. Many of them are very different. Some are epic stories with stunning landscapes. Others reflect moments in history and simply science fiction, but they all have two things in common, adventure and the challenge to travel.

Let's talk about them in alphabetical order and aaahh, don't forget to follow us on our channel Youtube 🙂

1. Dancing with wolves

Among an exceptional soundtrack of John barry and spectacular landscapes of the interior of the United States, specifically South Dakota, the movie Dancing with Wolves evokes greatness and destinations that at the time were virtually intact, destinies that man will wither over time.

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2. Road to freedom

Although it is a fairly recent movie, I think what it shows in it is a real adventure crossing Siberia, one of the destinations that every adventurer would like to go through. In this case it is the flight of some prisoners from a Soviet gulag in 1940. The landscape is impressive, the adventure great. Only with the scenarios do you want to take your backpack and walk kilometers until you reach those endless Russian steppes. The best, several of them ended up arriving at theIndia crossing the almighty Himalayas. To be in 1940 is not incredible ?.

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3. Indiana Jones

There is no adventurer worth his salt compare with Indiana Jones. Who has not enjoyed his adventures ?, Who does not remember that dinner in India where those monkey brains served you ?. Who does not remember that entrance on horse in Petra ?.

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4. The coast of mosquitoes

It may seem crazy, but have you never thought of leaving everything to live in nature? Maybe what this movie represents is too extreme, but make ice in the jungle It is certainly the most original. Can you tell where the Mosquito Coast is? In Honduras and Nicaragua.

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5. Lawrence of Arabia

Although in our article on Wadi Rum we talk about its history, it never hurts to remember this movie. From the English countryside to the desert of Jordan there is a world, especially if you immerse yourself in their culture And you make it yours.

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6. The saga of The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings may be an adventure movie in a fantasy world, little related to travel, but we are all very clear where this great trilogy, New Zealand, has been filmed. I don't know anyone who doesn't want visit our antipodes.

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7. The Star Trek saga

Maybe you are thinking. What does a science fiction movie have to do with the passion for travel? If you are a fan of the series or its films you could answer in two words, travel worlds, the objective of the Enterprise ship and his crew.

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8. Vertical limit

To Travel for free there is a sport that defines him, the trekking, and a space, the mountain. Vertical limit represents both in an exceptional place, the highest mountains of the Himalayas. That adorns him, that the protagonist is a National Geographic photographer.

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9. Shipwrecked

It is the typical film that is missing an Oscar. Surely you even think he has it, but no. Shipwrecked is an epic adventure in a paradise island of the Pacific with a touch of drama and a performance is sublime.

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10. Seven years in Tibet

Finally, and it does not mean that it is the one that inspires us the least, Seven years in Tibet. In this movie there are several events that make it unforgettable for us. A Austrian mountaineer, Tibet and its landscapes, the invasion by China and the dramatic World War II.

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There are many more movies, of course, but we leave them to talk about them through the comments in this article. Which ones have inspired you?

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