10 ideas to give to a travel lover


Who doesn't have a traveling friend? Who has not searched the almighty Google for gift ideas? Today we are going to give you several faces Original ideas What have we tested and tested by us on our trips so you can impress the most traveler. Ideas from € 10 onwards, both for the more adventurous, wild or geek. Surely more than one can fit in your next gift.

Gift ideas for less than € 50

1. RAVPower. An all in one.

It is nothing less than a Wireless Router + SD / USB Reader + Wifi, Nas and a6000mAh battery. This gadget has almost everything. Act like WIFI repeater, SD and USB card reader to share your photos on your computer or on the internet. It is so small that it fits in a pocket. Nowadays we like to take a laptop or upload photos to social networks these kinds of items give you life. Do not you think it is ideal to give?


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2. Purse belt

Many times carrying the portfolio uncovered is a source of problems in many parts of the world. Carrying the money hidden, and I'm not talking about carrying it in your suitcase or in a backpack, is the best solution to not take a dislike. The belt is a good place, since it is not usually the item that can be stolen and also, you always have money at hand. Highly recommended.

Purse belt

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3. Swiss army knife with 32Gb USB

A good adventurer must have a good Swiss army knife, and if it also has a 32Gb USB that you will surely use on any trip, you have a perfect 2 in 1 of the 21st century. A good idea to give your friends fans of Indiana Jones :).

Swiss army knife with 32Gb USB

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4. Bags to organize your suitcase

This is a practical gift. Have you ever had mixed used clothes with new ?. These practical bags can help you organize your suitcase and always have on hand, and not mixed, your socks, underwear or your gadgets.

Bags to organize the suitcase

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5. Protective case for backpack

Who does not know anyone traveling with a backpack. Traveling with a backpack is a classic and also one of the best ways to travel. Who has a good backpack takes care of it and not only that, it may have happened certain moments where the integrity of this precious good has been compromised. A good one backpack case It can be a great gift, since it not only protects it from the fluctuations of airports, if not of the water and of any inclemency.

Backpack bag

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6. Universal plug with USB sockets

A classic that also carries 2 USB portsIn total, if we are not up to date we will not be able to load many of the gadgets that we take on trips. With this we assure you one thing, this idea to give to your traveling friend will always seem useful, does not disappoint and is cheap.

Universal plug with USB

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7. Travel pillow

Goodbye to broken necks or bare heads, this is the solution. It occupies little and is cheap. Who gives more?.

Travel pillow

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Gift ideas for more than € 50

8. Powerspot Lanyard (Electric generator and universal charger)

This is a real invention if you camp or do not have any source of electricity on hand. Few people will have thought about this idea to give to their hiker friend. It is really original! Only with the heat, for example with a camping gas, it is possible to generate electricity with this fabulous invention. You can charge mobiles, have light, etc. So sun charge it with your camping gas, amazing!

Powerspot Lanyard

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9. The best backpack on the market

Since we bought this backpack we do not stop recommending it. Is waterproof, is hard as she alone, comfortable and also very practical. May go in the cabin and not only that, you can carry it in your hand or on your back. Seriously, for us, better than a suitcase, it's a pass.

50l Helly backpack

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Gift ideas for more than € 500

10. Surface 4

If there is a practical equipment for a photographer or a lover of new technologies that is the Surface 4, one of the best ideas to give a traveler hooked on technology. It is more than a PC, it is a laptop with tablet functions, something unique in the market. Being able to travel with him and that it becomes a tablet is priceless. It is comfortable, useful and cheaper than an iPad. At the moment it has no competition.

Surface 4

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Bonus track of ideas

GoPro, the beast

As an extra, do not forget to visit our recommendations of accessories for the GoPro or the same GoPro 5, the best action camera.

GoPro 5

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As you can see the list covers all kinds of things. From gadgets to useful things, from items under € 20 to some over € 600. You choose, yes, we assure you that the most traveler will like any gift from this list.