Circuit O - Stage 8. Torres Central Shelter at Las Torres Viewpoint

The Mirador las Torres, the last section of the O and W Circuit, and the end of our trekking through this spectacular place in Chile. This stage is for many, without a doubt, the best viewpoint of the Torres del Paine with the British Lookout in stage 6 of our journey.

The ascent to Las Torres Viewpoint is the most passed stage of all the O and W. The reason, because it is the perfect travel photo and because it is the one-day route chosen by the hordes of tourists who come to enjoy the National Park. As a curiosity and advice, many tourists with little adaptation to the mountain usually take as a souvenir a spectacular view along laces for several days. It is a hard stage, and although it is very touristy, you will have a hard time if your form is not adequate.

To Las Torres Viewpoint

Departure from the Torres Central Refuge

We leave at half past eight in the morning to have enough time to see the towers with sun on their backs, although the classic recommendation is to get up early and see the Mirador Las Torres Sun rising, but in our case between the laziness of getting up early and being in the camp below, during dinner the decision to get up soon fell by its own weight.

It can be uploaded from the Chilean camp or the Torres Camp, very close to the viewpoint

We knew that at 12 or so the lagoon and the small valley of the towers began to have shadows, so leaving early would give us plenty of time to see it in its maximum splendor. But be careful, it depends on the step that each one takes, since we usually go fast and arrive before 12, in less than 3 hours. Usually at a normal pace and resting it tarts around four, so eye.

Central Tower Shelter
Leaving the Central Tower Shelter

Leaving from the Refuge Torres Central is a luxury, since you go up without the big backpack of the crossing and therefore you get almost no weight to the top. If you went up from the Chilean camp or the Torres Camp, cheaper and closer by the way, camping nearby but you have to climb with weight to them. The advantage they have is the perfect places to attack and see the viewpoint at dawn, the disadvantage they have is that you have to climb the backpack to them. Here, the decision belongs to each one. Long route without a day's weight or watching the sunrise gain weight much of the route.

Already en route

From the Torres Central refuge we take the dirt road that led to the Hotel Las Torres, the luxury hotel in the area. After the hotel began to narrow the road to become a path, where we passed a bridge and from there climb after climb.

From the pull we reach 600m high next to a huge canyon on the right and suddenly we go down and then climb, until we hit the Chilean camp, already closed in April. There we saw a few horses prepared to receive the peon of those unsuspecting who have just exhausted and need a means to return. That said, if you don't usually walk the mountain, it will be a bit hard for you.

Las Torres viewpoint
Las Torres viewpoint

After the Chilean Camp, the desire to reach the Mirador Las Torres grows, and more when you stop seeing them because of the thickness of the forest where we were traveling. We leave aside the diversion of Torres Camp to proceed with the last section, a pedrera in conditions where we did not stop finding tourists made dust. The route is hard, and we attest that many people we saw failed to reach Las Torres Viewpoint.

An impressive ending

After suffering a little in this last section we arrive at the coveted Mirador las Torres, simply spectacular, from another world, without words. A jewel for nature and hiking lovers. From the lagoon you can see the three imposing granite hills. The highest is the Cerro Paine Grande, with 3,050m, then the South Tower or D'Agostini with 2,850m and the Central Tower, with 2,800m, which seems the highest and that deceives from the viewpoint of the lake.

Las Torres viewpoint
Las Torres viewpoint

It was just under 12 and the sun illuminated them just for us, we were alone in the middle of April, a luxury, a real dream. After half an hour people started arriving and half an hour later we started going down. Little by little we found more and more people, possibly coming from the last bus and doing the day trip. Most in jeans, with sports shoes, all exhausted and unfortunately very little prepared or informed. This is what mass tourism has, sometimes, not everything goes.

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Recommendations to consider

Torres Central Shelter

The Torres Central Refuge is the best located to attack from the base the Mirador Las Torres, the most enigmatic and most spectacular point of the Torres del Paine.

  • There are rooms with bunk beds
  • There is electric current to charge mobiles in the shelter and WIFI
  • If you have breakfast at the shelter, calculate 7,000 pesos
  • A bottle of wine costs 10,000 pesos, about Pringles 4,000 pesos, a beer 3,000 pesos and a hot dinner about 15,000 pesos
  • There is internet at € 4 every half hour.

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