What you have to know before visiting the Riviera Maya

Before visiting the Riviera Maya, there are many things you need to know to make that trip of your life the perfect trip. There are things that can be basic or simply classic when you travel outside your country, but others are typical of the destination, in this case Mexico. Mexico is as it is and depending on the area or region you visit security, what you can see and what it will cost you will change a lot. Today we want to tell you the advice of the twins of Viaja for free in order to visit the Riviera Maya.

Before visiting the Riviera Maya ...

What do you have to know

Rivera Maya has become one of the most visited destinations by the Spanish. Its beaches, the Mayan archeological zones and the multitude of water parks and things to do. A week is perfect to visit the area, but beware, first you have to take a series of recommendations in your suitcase.

Chichen Itza

Our recommendations

Here are our recommendations for visiting the Mayan Rivera. Don't stop reading them!

1 Wear snorkeling glasses. In many hotels they are rented and it is not always profitable. For € 20 you have some like these (snorkeling glasses)

2 WIFI. Not all hotels are free, ask before booking, which then does not come out as profitable

3 Never hire excursions in hotels.You leave much more expensive, they are in groups that are too large and at times of maximum influx and therefore you will not enjoy the visits equally

4 When hiring excursions, it is worth taking them hired before. There are agencies such as Civis where you can find a lot of excursions cheaper than in hotels. If there is one that interests you, book it!

5 Rent a car. It will allow you to see much more sites and not only that, go to the best hours. InRentalcars usually have good deals

6 If you go by rental car, visit Tulum at the last minute and face Chichen Itza be the first to arrive. Hotel buses are never punctual, so it is better to be first. It will make you enjoy much more (it is quite crowded)

7 There are cenotes and cenotes. The best known as Xkekén, two eyes or the Great Cenote are usually overcrowded. Explore smaller cenotes and let yourself be lost for every road that puts “cenote”

8 Pay with card. In most places you can pay by card, or think about it, if you can do not change

9 Facing security. Yucatan or the Riviera Maya is another Mexico, much safer. Do not worry about going out and walking, especially in places like Cancun or Playa el Carmen, they are totally safe

10 If you go free and you are “afraid” of taking a taxi at the airport, hire a special transfer from the airport. We recommend this transfer, it is safer and more comfortable, but of course, it will always be something more expensive than a taxi. It all depends on what you are looking for

11 Avoid going to the Spring Break unless you love to go or surround yourself with noise. The Spring Break is the spring break of American students, who usually fall in March. They always arm it, in the style of Magaluf in Mallorca ... so imagine

12 Take out travel insurance. It doesn't have to happen to you, it's usually like that. If something happens to you with health in Mexico and with repatriation problems, it will become the worst trip of your life. As an experience, one of us made a gap in a cenote snorkeling and we pulled for sure. If you have private insurance look at the conditions, because maybe you also use

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