The 7 most beautiful stations of the Moscow Metro


With more than 180 stations, the Moscow metro is one of the biggest in the world. This figure at first sight may get your attention, but did you know that it has 44 stations declared cultural heritage? Undoubtedly, both those who live in the capital of Russia and tourists, traveling in the Moscow Metro is like visiting a museum, a museum in one of the most efficient and fastest meters you can find today.

A day in the Moscow Metro

A little history

The Moscow Metro began to be built there in 1931 and a few years later, stations such as the route from Park kulturi to Sokólniki, with 12 stations. It's one of the better designed and more functional meters of the world. It is created to go fast and above all, cover great distances, after all Moscow is a gigantic city.

Moscow Metro
Moscow Metro

When it was created, it was aimed at being the most beautiful and best of the time, something they got and showed in universal exhibitions like the one in Brussels in 1935 or the one in Paris two years later. But greatness came after winning the WWII against Nazi Germany, turning the Metro into an element of propaganda. At this time we can thank those hallways or colossal entrances to the Metro and those richly ornamented "galleries", some with sculptures, bronze ornaments and even stained glass.

Touring the Moscow Metro

One of the things to see in Moscow is the Metro, do not hesitate, but do not stress when looking for stations, in any route you do always appear one of the 44 stations declared cultural heritage. Moscow is to enjoy it outdoors, and when you move to another side of the city, it is to enjoy traveling and finding these richly decorated stations by surprises.

Moscow Metro
Moscow Metro

From the Moscow Metro three things caught our attention. its price, Very cheap !, your speed, But how fast and how many trains pass !, and those infinite stairs to get to that basement where those museum pieces called stations are. Of all these we recommend seven, but beware, there are many more that can get your attention.

  1. Komsomolskaya
  2. Novokuznetskaya
  3. Belorusskaya
  4. Kiyevskaya
  5. Novoslobodskaya
  6. Plóshchad Revolutsii
  7. Slavyansky Bulvar

Advice. Take two metro plans from Moscow, one in Cyrillic and one in "Christian", as it is the only way not to get lost in each station. In the article of preparations to travel to Moscow we tell

7 stations you have to know about the Moscow Metro

1 Komsomolskaya

They say that it is the most palatial and opulent of all the stations of the Moscow Metro and the truth is that they are right. Those candlesticks and the 68 columns of white marble are worthy of being in a palace.


2 Novokuznetskaya

From this station, our lobby, one of the most copious and opulent of the entire metro network, caught our attention.


3 Belorusskaya

Opened in 1938, it is one of the oldest stations in Moscow. It is made of pink marble and bronze lamps. From this station we were struck by Lenin's bust What's in the end


4 Kiyevskaya

This station is full of large mosaics and huge lamps. Many of the mosaics are lined with gold ornaments.


5 Novoslobodskaya

Novoslobodskaya station is like being in a cathedral. Have 32 stained glass of Latvian artists on a marble brought from the distant Ural Mountains. Doesn't it catch your attention?


6 Plóshchad Revolutsii

If in the previous one they were stained glass in this case they are beautiful bronze sculptures, a total of 76, representing the Soviet culture. It is possibly one of the seasons most impressive of all Moscow, a station worthy of being in that cultural heritage.

Ploshchad Revolutsii

7 Slavyansky Bulvar

When you arrive at this station it seems that you go down in an old paris station. It is made in a green color called Guatemala and gray granite floor. We cannot say that it is one of the most beautiful, but those banks caught our attention, don't you think?

Slavyansky Bulvar

Practical data

How to travel (without getting lost) in the Moscow Metro?

The big drawback of the Moscow Metro is the language. Cyrillic for Latinos is a real problem, so we recommend that you carry a map like the one below, where the stations are written both in Cyrillic and in "Christian." These tricks are discussed in the article on Preparations for traveling to Moscow.

Moscow metro

When to go to Moscow?

The best time to enjoy Moscow is all that alien to winter, unless you want to enjoy the city with snow, which gives it a very special touch, and with cold. If snow and cold is not an impediment, why not, you can visit Moscow at any time of the year.

Tours and excursions (without waiting for queues)

If you do not want to wait in line and you also want to book your visits to Moscow in advance, we recommend you see the following tours:

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