Do not be afraid to rent a house between individuals

Surely you will have ever heard of fraud at the time of rent a house between individuals. Maybe for yourself, for a friend or an acquaintance. In cases that when arriving at the place of destination, I found a house was not as it was thought or worse, that it did not even exist. We are all clear about one thing, when you go on vacation you ask above all for guarantee and safety, after all it is possibly the best time of the year, isn't it?
Rent a house between individuals

Rent a house between individuals

I do not remember how many times we will have rented a house in Spain or abroad, since it is usually a good way to travel to certain destinations fleeing from the classic holiday hotels. As in the case of flight searches, you search on countless sites, since the price differs depending on the commission of the website. In the end you are pointing in your traveler book pages that offer the best price. In the case of rent a house between individuals It is the same, but with the difference that you can take the occasional surprise. Houses in poor condition, lack of equipment, abusive prices or even unbearable owners or tenants. Luckily there are now companies that have taken note, supporting both the owner to feel comfortable and the tenant, transmitting security and confidence.

The advantages for the owners

If you have a house to rent on vacation you have the possibility of including it in a rental network or even being able to exchange it with other owners. For example, a house on the beach for another in the mountains during your vacation or just rent it with some security guarantees and above all, visibility to have a secure source of income. Mediavacaciones is a company that facilitates this at an excellent price and also with the following services:

  • You are only charged for the dissemination of the ad, between € 89 and € 129, without applying any commission if you rent it
  • International visibility, where your network exceeds one million applications per year
  • Quality policy based on procedures before the receiving negative comments of tenants
  • IPhone application to be informed of the requests
  • Confidence to rent a house between individuals
  • Go hand in hand with the specialist ofprivate vacation rental to particular since 2002
  • Mini web space for your hosting

Rent a house between individuals

The advantages for tenants

And if you are the tenant, be prepared to say goodbye to fear and overpay for accommodation. To give you an idea, usually when we search for a house online there are many sites where hundreds of houses are grouped but with some terrible commissions They are around 8% to 20%, a lot. In some cases, because of the agency or tour operator's expenses. In this case the only "commission" is the fee that the owner has already paid, regardless of the cost of renting and the number of times he rents it. A part is the security, since the owners are somehow certified and where you can find real comments from the clients that you have previously had.

Summarizing then, going to networks such as Mediavacations can allow you to:

  • Rent a cheaper house
  • Quality, safety and good price
  • Have the best equipment (TV, Wifi, full kitchen, etc)

Do not be afraid to rent a house between individuals