Visit Peru, a country rich in unforgettable experiences


If we are looking for a destination with the widest range of possible experiences, surely more than one traveler would tell you, visit Peru. The wealth that this South American country has is difficult to overcome, giving us the opportunity to visit places as dry as the coastal deserts of the south of the country, walk through glaciers through the Andean mountain range, navigate the deep jungle that surrounds the river Amazon, visit ancient cities where lost civilizations resided or simply taste one of the best rated kitchens on the planet.

Visit Peru, a country rich in unforgettable experiences

Visit Peru, country rich in unforgettable experiences

Travelers seek destinations according to their needs. Some seek cultural experiences, others gastronomic and the most daring seek a contact with nature, without discounting being able to perform some other sports activity. Peru offers this and much more, never disappoints and always forces you to repeat.

Visit Peru

Here are 7 unforgettable experiences that we can enjoy in Peru. Just plan what our imagination wants and Peru will surely be able to offer it to you.

1 Discover ancient civilizations

One thing we have to be very clear before visiting Peru, Peru is not onlyMacchu Picchu Nor was only the Inca civilization. The cultural wealth of the country is very extensive, it is enough to travel several hundred kilometers to see that Peru is a country with multiple civilizations.

Visit Peru - Machu Picchu

Places as enigmatic as the Nazca lines or the city of Cahuachi, Chavin de Huantar. Not forgetting the least visited northern Peru with enclaves like Kuelap or Chan Chan.

Nazca Lines

2 amazing deserts

In Peru we have all the possible landscapes and the desert is one of them. Large expanses of dunes that reach the same coast and where the acclaimed Dakar rally has taken part on numerous occasions.

Deserts in Peru

3 Great hiking trails

Peru offers the possibility of hiking trails at high altitude. Mountains and volcanoes of up to 6000 meters, which are sometimes accessible to any type of athlete with adequate acclimatization. An example is the Misti volcano or the Chachani peak, both close to the city of Arequipa.

Visit Peru - Chachani

Lately, several long distance routes have been promoted such as the Inca Trail, the Salkantay route or the Santa Cruz trekking. However, you don't have to be great mountaineers to enjoy great landscapes. There are places where access is relatively simple, such as the icy Pastoruri glacier.

Visit Peru - Pastoruri Glacier

4 Feeling an explorer on the Amazon River

Taking part in an adventure in the Peruvian jungle is one of the greatest experiences we have lived. There are two places of main access to the Amazon basin. The best known is Puerto Maldonado and the Manu National Park, both a day trip by road from Cuzco.

Visit Peru - Amazon Basin

But if what we want to see is the Amazon River, the favorite place is the city ofIquitos. Only accessible by plane or the Amazon River.

Visit Peru - Forest adjacent to the Amazon River - Iquitos

5 Experiential tourism

One type of booming tourism is experiential tourism. Living for a few days in the houses where residents in remote villages make their day to day and where their main language is theQuechua.

Visit Peru - Outskirts of Huaraz

Let's not expect luxuries, luxury is to enjoy their experiences, their gastronomy and their day to day. The disconnection of everything is absolute and what we earn for ourselves is priceless.

Visit Peru - Taquile Island

6 Colonial past

Peru's recent past is marked by its colonial roots forged during the former Spanish empire. Just go Cuzco or Arequipa and visit its squares of arms, cathedrals or monasteries. Some jewels that until today last in an exquisite state of conservation.

Arequipa, Peru

7 The best cuisine in the world?

In Peru, each destination has something different to offer, but what they all have in common is a perfect combination of new flavors. A fusion of culinary tradition with modern proposals that have given the country the title of Culinary Destination of South America for 5 years followed by the World Travel Awards.

Visit Peru

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