The best photography accessories for traveling


When you travel the photography accessories Travel is key to bringing you a good memory. Without a good video or a good photograph, the return can change a lot. And still, if you don't carry the right material you can take a good dislike. From a decent camera, a backpack that withstands cars and carts, accessories that make its transport much more comfortable and small things that impact a small moment like the blue of a sky that provides a good polarizer.

Javier in the Pyrenees

The best photography accessories for traveling

Before looking at the basic accessories, the first thing we have to say is that we have relied primarily on photography accessories for DSLR type cameras. Although today there are small cameras with interchangeable micro 4/3 lenses of excellent quality, we have continued betting on the accessories and equipment that continue to give the best quality. Besides, the accessories that we propose They are not the most expensive, much less, are the basics to start, although there are others that require a little more filming.

Here is our selection of the best photography accessories that Travel for free use on your trips, with our advice and the reason for each one.

A good camera for beginners

We are Canon and others decide to be Nikon, it doesn't matter, how important that once you have made this decision you start enjoying the benefits of digital photography. We are Canon and Nikon, things of destiny. Miguel is Nikonista and I canionist, but as I write, what we recommend to start is the new 700D. By the way, record better video than the Nikon :).

In my case, I currently have the60D, but to start a 700D is not bad at all.

Canon 700D 18 megapixel with 18-55mm lens

Canon 700 D

An action camera like the GoPro

Do you think you need a camera like this? I thought not until unfortunately I bought it. Without a doubt, the best purchase. The angle it has is incredible and apart, it weighs little and you can take it anywhere, even underwater. It is clear that the GoPro has created a trend.

By the way, if you want to see all kinds of accessories for this camera, access our article about the GoPro.

GoPro HERO 3+ Silver Edition

GoPro Silver Edition

Off-road objective

True, they are not the objectives that give more quality, but with them you make sure you are available for any type of instant. You are worth it for unsafari to go around the city. The best is valid for all scenarios and you don't have to be changing your objective. The worst, you lose some quality, but quality as everything is paid.

The Brown beast It's this new Tamron.

Tamron AF 16-300 mm for Canon

Tamron 16 - 300

Wide angle lens

If you are passionate about the most artistic photography, most original compositions or simply, that an imposing church or cathedral enters your photo, you need a wide angle. For quality and price this is Sigma, the favorite of many travelers.

Sigma 10-20 for Canon

Sigma 10 - 20mm

The camera backpack

There are many types of backpack for the camera, especially if you have one of the DSLR type. But after having had a few we bet on one for thefinish quality and for its size. For me it is important that the backpack meets the following:

  • That allows take the camera from the side And what is better, not having to take your backpack off so you can quickly take out your camera.
  • You have to have a space large enough to store clothes, books or whatever
  • If you can use it for mountain trips and take water layer.
  • Fair size, neither more nor less. If you only carry one camera and one lens, do not buy a “tank”.
  • To be comfortable and practical, and if it can be, it is worth more uses.
  • The weight has to weigh the minimum.

Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW backpack

Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW

Extensible support

Have a GoPro or compact camera, one of the best photography accessories is theextendable tripod. If you don't have it, forget about taking aerial shots and selfies. This stand is ideal for recording yourself talking in front of the camera when you walk.

Extensible Stand + Tripod Base

Mono pod or extendable arm

DSLR camera backpack holder

Piece of invention!. Finally this support, I adore it! For me one of the best existing photography accessories. It is ideal for activities such as hiking. Instead of carrying the camera hanging by bumping or inside your backpack, it is attached to your chest, being able to access it easily.

Peak Design - Support to anchor the camera in the backpack handle

Photography accessories

A photograph is another with a good polarizer

The reflection of a lake or a sad sky can change dramatically with a polarizer. When you see a sky live in a photograph It is usually for having used a polarizer. Do you want photographs with the “Simpsons” sky? You need a polarizer.

Hoya Pro1 Digital - Circular Polarizing Filter

Example of what a circular polarizer does

Waterproof bag for DSLR

Sometimes you can drop such a shower that it is best to keep your camera well protected. In areas like Asia or South America the rainy season nor does the humidity forgive, so it is better to keep the camera well covered. In addition, in those days of incessant rain this type of photography accessories help you not to leave the camera in the hotel and thus go out with her.

Waterproof submersible bag for DSLR

Waterproof bag

Portable hard drive

Safety comes first, and it is always better to carry a copy of the photographs on another medium, such as a portable hard drive. On a trip everything is possible, so make sure that your photographs are in the right place.

1TB USB 3.0 external hard drive

Portable hard drive

One no, two cards at least

It is always better to carry more than one memory card. Being a quick access memory they can get corrupted or worse, they fill up and you can not take more pictures. Besides, they do not weigh and have lowered their price a lot. Seriously, don't even think about it, buy yourself one more.

By the way, make sure they are class 10, because if you record video, you will need to be able to write very fast.

Ultra High Speed ​​64GB Flash Memory Card

64GB SD card

Apart from these accessories, it is always advisable to carry more than one camera battery, since you can travel places with hardly any electricity. For example in the mountain you can make crossings of several days, without light, so an additional battery would never hurt.

Surely there is more basic photography accessories for travel, but we leave this for you to propose the ones that you deem most convenient. You dare?.