Living a OneTwoTrip experience

Since there are websites likeOneTwoTrip Searching for flights or accommodation has ceased to be a headache. OneTwoTrip is a comparator that searches and stores best prices from more than 500 airlines offering you the best discounts without having to go from page to page. Do you want to know the OneTwoTrip experience?.

How does it work?

The operation is the simplest. To search for a flight you just have to indicate the origin and destination and the dates on which you want to fly. The interface, very visual by the way, looks for the best discounts and flights with lower prices, showing them in a kind of "panel" with several "post it" very striking.


In addition, if you have the possibility to fly a day before or after, it allows you to locate the best combinations quickly a few days before and a few days later.

Looking at Hotel Reservations, OneTwoTrip has a collaboration with Booking that will make you join the 4% of the value from booking to your points account.

What benefits do you get?

The best way to use a comparator like OneTwoTrip by signing up, since from that moment you will start to earn points and get the following benefits:

  • With each purchase, you add additional points of 1% of the price value.
  • 4% of the value of each booking on Booking will be added to your points account.
  • If you invite your friends you will earn 25 points, equivalent to € 25.

Therefore, as you travel you will earn points, both from flights and hotels, to then be able to travel for free. Don't you feel like living a OneTwoTrip experience?

Travel insurance

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