Visit to Hverir (Geothermal phenomena in Iceland)

It is known to all that Iceland It is a volcanic island, but maybe not Hverir. Every year some news appears where a volcano leaves its lethargy and begins to release lava and large columns of smoke. With this there are many places to enjoy geothermal phenomena accompanied by volcanic eruptions.Hverir It is an example of them and a visit to this place can transport us to the most primitive of the planet Earth.

Visit to Hverir, Iceland in its purest form

Visit to Hverir, Iceland in its purest form

Iceland is a country where you look where you look always leaves you amazed. Everything is really beautiful and perhaps the only one that we can put is the almost absence of trees. The reason for its beauty lies in its climate and its geology. A harsh climate, where glaciers rise from heights almost to sea level and where the level of rainfall is high. In addition to the large number of rivers and mountains, this makes their landscapes acquire a unique whole.

In our mind we always have the volcanoes in warm places or at most under immense layers of ice that are therefore invisible to the eye. Similar places are few on earth, only New Zealand or certain parts of Chile, Russia and Canada resemble each other. But since Iceland is tremendously accessible, it is very fashionable today.

Hverir geothermal zone

Hverir is a geothermal zone located in northern Iceland. A few kilometers from the Volcan Ktrafla and the Myvatn lake. As is often the case in many parts of the country, the best option is to arrive in our own vehicle since public transport is really limited and may not deserve to stop here if the next bus passes many hours later. The reason is simple, the accommodations are miles away from here.

Visit to Hverir, Iceland in its purest form

The car is left on a ground esplanade and its access is free. In many occasions it is hidden by a dense layer of smoke, fruit of the fumaroles that surround it. That is why many visitors are dedicated to seeing that, the fumaroles, the mud pools and the occasional small geyser. Few venture into the nearby hills like the Namaskard, which we highly recommend.

Visit to Hverir, Iceland in its purest form

When we visited the day it was quite windy and occasionally some water fell. This with the combination of the steam and the cold rain caused a dense smoke to cover the area in a short time. This together that the main area can be seen in just 20 minutes, encouraged us to make a small hiking trail ascending to the mountains that surround it.

Visit to Hverir, Iceland in its purest form

At first everything seemed idyllic. Few people on the path and the views promised a lot. But of course, the volcanic terrain is special and usually its slopes are covered by a fine gravel that tends to slip or, worse, hinder the progress.

Visit to Hverir, Iceland in its purest form

Despite having to take 3 steps to move forward only 2, we reach the top of the mountain, theNamaskard On its top there is a small viewpoint where there are barely 6 people and where the wind runs in full freedom.

Visit to Hverir, Iceland in its purest form

So much freedom had to force us to get off the cloud we were in, to get down as fast as we could due to the large amount of water falling from the sky. Things that happen in Iceland and that you don't get used to.

Practical data

When to go Hverir?

Snow is very common in this area in winter, so it covers much of the area. It is recommended to visit it in summer and autumn.

How to get to Hverir?

Hverir is inside Iceland's ring road. Near the town of Reykjahliô and about 55 kilometers fromHussvik, the whale capital of Iceland.

Where to sleep near Hverir?

The options go to the town of Reikhalíò at the foot of Lake Myvatn.

  • Eldá Guesthouse: one of the most “cheap” options in the area. Nothing awesome.
  • Vogar Travel Service: cozy hotel with camping area.
  • Reynihlid Hotel: one of the best options in the area and with good views of the lake.

Should we pay to visit Hverir?

Nothing. It is completely free.

Anything else to visit in the area?

We recommend visiting elcrater Viti, very close to Hverir.

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