#MadTB, the Travel Bloggers Association of Madrid is born

The time has finally come, Madrid travel blogs join forces to create the first association of the capital, an association that seeks to boost tourism, publicize a multitude of places and, above all, promote activities between associates and tourist offices , media and agencies specialized in the sector.

As it has to be, giving everything! MadTB in the Manzanares

It is not surprising that travel bloggers are slowly being the spokespersons and opinion influencers of a sector as important as tourism. Every day there are more means that make traveling easier and, above all, much closer. There is no day without adding thousands of new activities, accommodation and leisure possibilities. But in such a rich universe of offer, bloggers and associations like #MadTB They can give answers and opinions totally independent of these infinite possibilities of tourism.

Packing may seem easy, but today that we are flooded with advertisements and promotions of incredible places or beaches that have appeared in your dreams, bloggers, a really independent medium, can open your eyes and make you see from the traveler's point of view Real as that incredible place is and to present you a dream in a nightmare or simply an unpublished or unknown place in something that moves you from your inseparable office chair to take your suitcase.

MadTB meeting

Starting from roots or foundations such as these, the association of travel bloggers from Madrid#MadTB It aims to take advantage of the marketing potential offered by bloggers through its wide dissemination in the pages and social networks. More and more people are confident in the impact of this new way of making themselves heard that, in addition, it remains strongly over time beyond the momentary reach of a printed article or timely news on the radio.

Finally, if you are a travel blogger and with the intention of being able to make this profession stronger and stronger, workshops and training activities will be taught among the associates SEO, WordPress, Photography or video. It will undoubtedly be a great boost for those of us who live in Madrid, headquarters of the association and, above all, for all the followers of bloggers who actively participate in this project.

MadTB in the Manzanares