Visit Iceland in a week, go north or south?


Visiting Iceland has become fashionable lately. Movie landscapes that have inspired Prometheus, Superman, James Bond or much of the scenes of Game of Thrones have certainly helped, but depending on the number of days to visit Iceland this may be a small headache and a very reasonable doubt. North or south ?.


Visit Iceland with just one week

Obviously if you have at least 10 days and you do not plan to make any crossing like the one of Landmannalaugar, which already consumes you four days, 10 days to spare time to see the most interesting points of the island, both from the north and from the south. Instead, if you only have one week Iceland It offers you different things depending on whether we talk about the north or the south, and above all, if we talk about summer or winter.

Your traveling experience. We all tend to compare

The experience of a traveler defines his style of travel. If we know little, you tend to be more impressed, if you know a lot, or are more meticulous or are more demanding with destiny. Iceland does not leave anyone indifferent and I doubt it will disappoint you, but as everyone who travels it always tends to compare. For example, a country that has similar charms is New Zealand, both for the glaciers, the volcanic areas, the wild character, the fjords and the way to visit it, although being honest, New Zealand he earns him by diversity, although Iceland glaciers far exceed those of the country of Kiwi. Another example would be Scotland, or rather the area of ​​the Highlands and the Isle of Skye, with that moss and that green color that sprouts from the mountains. During the occasional trip we missed that comment from, this looks like Scotland.


Even so from Iceland, one thing must be highlighted, kilometers and kilometers without seeing people. In the background is an unpopulated island, a wild island with few rivals. I doubt that on this planet there are landscapes that can impact so much on people's minds. Loneliness is a great good in Iceland.

Horses north of Iceland

North vs South

Visiting Iceland can be a big dilemma when you have few days. Before deciding whether to go north or south, in case you have only 7 days, you have to reflect on what is spoken, your traveling experience and then consider what you are looking for. Ask yourself the following questions in order to decide on the north or south of the island:

  1. Want to see the most impressive waterfalls in Iceland?
  2. Do you dream of visiting the less populated areas and recondites of Iceland?
  3. Do you want to feel more alone or in the company of more tourists?
  4. Do you feel like meeting big glaciers?.
  5. And see whales or lost fjords from the hand of God?

OK, process them and now keep the following. Most of the tourism that visits Iceland only sees the south or the surroundings of Reykjavik. Reason?. Closeness, access and having the best waterfalls (1) and the most spectacular glaciers (4) in the country. On the other hand, the north is less populated (2), there are fewer tourists (3) and it has the best point to see whales and enjoy the best fjords (5). There is only one point where people who visit the north or south, the golden triangle, share places, since it is only 50 minutes from Reykjavik. I hope that at this point visiting Iceland begins to stop being a dilemma :).

Fjaorargljufur - Game of Thrones Landscape

Therefore, which one do you prefer? Under our humble experience, we bet on the south. There is more tourism, more people, but it is more rich in content and for a week you can enjoy many more things. Going only north on your first trip to Iceland can fall short and decaffeinated, since you will stop seeing the true icons that represent Iceland.

Husavik (North)

Tips for traveling to Iceland

To travel to Iceland you can do it in several ways. Or looking for free flights with flag companies like Icelandair, low cost as Wowair and then look for the means of land transport, by bus with Reykjavik Excursions or by rented car with companies like Sixt, or what it offers IslandTours, which allows you to travel in many ways, making a circuit or traveling your way, since they manage the plane, the car, the accommodation and even the activities you want and thus allow you to travel alone, with your partner or with your family.

One last thing, be careful with the accommodation. In high season it is very difficult to find both accommodation as a rental car, especially first. Hotel places are very limited. Let's not forget that it is an island with just over 300,000 inhabitants, so or you plan it very well, or to be planned. Anyway, although it is not valid for all types of travelers, you will always have the possibility to rent a caravan or sleep in tent, although with the wind, the cold and the rain of Iceland can be a bit annoying. It all depends on your adventurous gene.

Northern Iceland

Travel insurance

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