The best views of Lake Tahoe, ascent of Mount Tallac

If there is a place in the lake tahoe that is famous for its views that is the mount Tallac. A mountain that borders 3000 meters and can be seen from the four points of the lake. It has also become an ideal destination for mountaineers and mountain skiers in winter, not forgetting that in summer it is one of the most popular routes around Lake Tahoe.

The best views of Lake Tahoe, ascent of Mount Tallac

Ascension to Mount Tallac, the best views of Lake Tahoe

He mount Tallac is in the state of California,U.S. Very close to the border with Nevada. With their 2968m It is not the highest mountain in the area, much less Sierra Nevada. Even so, reaching its summit is not easy because we need to overcome more than 1000 meters of unevenness in a long walk. However, before commenting on our experience, I will comment on an anecdote that is important to comment.

Curiously, the cartoon seriesJackie and napeIt is located on this mountain. Two cubs that lived in the skirt of the mountain, until one fateful day they lost their mother because of a hunter wanting blood. As a result they met two children, an Indian and a colonist, who forged a great friendship, the main axis of the series.

Ascension to Mount Tallac

Early May and the ski resorts have just closed. It is the end of the winter season but the mountain continues with snow to overflow. There are several meters of snow from 2000 meters high, knowing that Lake Tahoe itself already exceeds 1900 meters.

This means that many roads continue to be cut, such as those that go to Echo Lake In fact, the road that leads to the exit point to mount Tallac It was also, which meant leaving the car on the main road and traveling 2 kilometers on foot along a paved track that was not covered in snow at the end. This road is located a few miles from South Lake Tahoe in the direction of Emerald Bay.

The best views of Lake Tahoe, ascent of Mount Tallac

After leaving the car and traveling the extra two kilometers, I arrived at the real starting point. I say I arrived, because I made the route alone. It is not difficult, but in this case, caution must always be taken. Bears? Avalanches? Easy to get lost?

The best views of Lake Tahoe, ascent of Mount Tallac

Quickly, in the first clearing of the forest I found, I saw Mount Tallac, which was still far away. From here I could already see the route to take, all along its left flank, just where the greatest amount of snow appears.

The best views of Lake Tahoe, ascent of Mount Tallac

Although when we climb a mountain we always have our eyes straight ahead, here we cannot stop looking behind our backs, where the lake tahoe He is the king of sight. Its size is colossal and looks like an internal sea.

The best views of Lake Tahoe, ascent of Mount Tallac

Even so, looking straight ahead will appear on my left side the Fallen Leak Lake, another great lake that stays small with the Tahoe. The funny thing is that I am already more than 2100 meters and I have barely trampled snow to be constantly in west face.

The best views of Lake Tahoe, ascent of Mount Tallac

But this situation will end soon and the snow will not disappear until the end of the route. There are places where there are accumulated more than two meters and the state of this is hard, very hard. In the morning it was 3 degrees below zero and the maximum was not expected to exceed 3/4 degrees along the route. This made the snowshoes that I carried on my back to use them for an hour and because I was wearing them… I would not even have thought about putting them on.

The best views of Lake Tahoe, ascent of Mount Tallac

I reached one of the two lakes that I would go through, theFloating Island Lake, completely frozen and hidden among a large mass of trees.

The best views of Lake Tahoe, ascent of Mount Tallac

Not far from there, in a slightly deforested part is the Cathedral Lake, which cannot be identified by being completely covered by snow and probably something smaller than the previous one.

The best views of Lake Tahoe, ascent of Mount Tallac

It is from this point when the route begins to get complicated, having very hard and steep ramps that forced me to take off my rackets and put on my shoes. crampons. All this sheltered by the two great lakes, Lake Tahoe and theFallen Leak Lake.

The best views of Lake Tahoe, ascent of Mount Tallac

The photos do not show reality, at least the unevenness, but there are some ramps in the background 45 degrees What to overcome. The most curious thing is that group of trees almost horizontal, the few that remain after multiple avalanches years ago.

The best views of Lake Tahoe, ascent of Mount Tallac

But not only the possibility of avalanches is the order of the day. Another possible danger is bears, specifically black bearsbecause there are grizzlies Better not to come. Black bears are smaller, they are still quite large and you have to be cautious with them. Now in spring, after a long hibernation, they wake up hungry and eat the first thing they catch. No wonder many people take pepper sprays in case the flies.

The best views of Lake Tahoe, ascent of Mount Tallac

After overcoming the 45-degree shovel we reach the endless skirt that will take us to the top of the mount Tallac. Part of it without snow for its great exposure to the wind and its south orientation.

The best views of Lake Tahoe, ascent of Mount Tallac

45 minutes after overcoming the long shovel and barely seeing the end until 5 minutes before, all the lake tahoe for me and I crowned the top of Mount Tallac. All the way I did it alone without crossing anyone. This shocked me so much that when I reached the top there was a fairly large group of mountain skiers who had climbed elsewhere, 8 kilometers shorter and probably from Cascade Lake, The lake from the first photograph.

The best views of Lake Tahoe, ascent of Mount Tallac

Alone or accompanied, the views are superb and it is worth having a good time up here, at 2968 meters after walking 4 long hours.

Practical data on the ascent of mount size

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When to go to Mount Tallac?

We like it with snow, but without a doubt the best time to climb it is from the end of June to the end of September.

How to get to Mount Tallac?

From the town of South Lake Tahoe, we take the road that goes to the famous Emerald Bay. A very closed bay of Lake Tahoe with an unmistakable island in the center. We will pass several campsites, until we reach a sign on the right that marks the trail of Mount tallac and the Concord and Shelly campsites. If you are lucky you can get to the parking lot and if not, you will have to leave the car right at the turnoff.

Where to sleep on Lake Tahoe?

  • Beverly Lodge: the cheapest and poorly rated by booking. Still we slept here and I found the rooms comfortable and clean. The bad, is near the main road and you hear a lot of traffic, which should be common in all nearby motels.
  • Big Pines Mountain House: motel with pool and very well located.
  • Alpine Inn & Spa: pool and SPA with the best prices in the area. Rooms somewhat old but still comfortable.

Are permits required?

Whenever you do not leave the marked route, a permit is not required. Anyway in winter it is very easy to get off the road because there are no marks and therefore do not put many inconveniences.

What to wear

Route made in spring, with plenty of snow and where it is recommended to take the following.

  • Long pants, thermal shirt and fleece.
  • Cap against the incense sun.
  • Much water. There is no drinking water in part of the road
  • Winter hat and gloves.
  • Good boots semi rigid or rigid in winter.
  • Backpack of at least 30l
  • Snowshoes optional
  • Trekking sticks.
  • Crampons and Piolet.
  • Map/GPS. Without this, don't even show up. As a GPS, our recommendation is Garmin GPS 64

To consider

  • There are 1100 meters of unevenness and in summer you can feel warm.
  • Do not despair to reach the top, this is not seen until the last minutes. Have fun with the many squirrels along the way.

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