What to see in Narvik (starting point for Lofoten and Vesteralen)

Have you heard of Narvik? Would you know what to see in Narvik? Both things will surely catch you by surprise, but don't worry, we put this city on the map when we started to work in a dream, visit the Lofoten and Vesteralen archipelagos in search of northern lights.

The door to the Lofoten and Vesteralen islands

Narvik is known to be one of the main entrances to see northern lights in winter. Narvik was our starting point in the call Arctic Norway, as it is a perfect place to start a rental car and visit the archipelagos of Lofoten and Vesteralen. Narvik is also a good option to go Tromso, one of the most popular destinations in Norway to contemplate the northern lights.

Northern Lights in Narvik

In any case Narvik is a door to admire a rich landscape variety where the coast, the mountain and the red-stained wooden houses make each photograph rival any postcard or wallpaper. In short, Narvik is the door to a small paradise.

What to see in Narvik

Narvik and surroundings can be an area that you need at least two nights to get to know it. From this corner of Norway stands out above the rest places like:

  • Narvik Krigsmuseum
  • Polar Park Wildlife Reserve
  • Ski resort
  • The northern lights in winter
  • Hiking trails or conraquetas in winter
  • Fjord Cruise
  • Visit the caves of Sagelven

Narvik Krigsmuseum (War museum)

Opened in 2017, this small museum is mainly dedicated to the Second World War. The museum focuses on the Arctic contest, including one of the largest naval battles of the WWII. In it you can find all kinds of objects from both sides, such as flags and sculptures Nazis or uniforms, vehicles and small tanks.

War museum
War museum

There is a room where videos are projected, some moved us, with interviews with people who lived the war in Narvik.

  • Entry: 100 NOK
  • More information on the official website (

Polar Park wildlife reserve

It is a wildlife reserve where you can see wolves, lynx, bears, arctic foxes or elk among others. One of its biggest attractions is being able to get close to Wolves and to be able to touch them within some guidelines to follow. The call is famous there wolf kiss.

Polar park
Polar park

The reserve is visited by walking along a path. As you progress you will see that very well marked fenced areas appear where each species is in semi freedom.

I remember sneaking up on the lynx, where they approached out of curiosity (or hunger) or listening to the howl of the wolves. Of the latter I would not know if it is more impressive to see or hear them. You get goosebumps.

Polar park
Polar park

Inside the reservation it is also possible to sleep and even eat, since there is a restaurant.

  • Entry: 785 NOK (with transfer from Narvik)
  • More information on the official website (//

Aurora borealis

From Narvik it is possible to see the northern lights without problems. Possibly it is one of the things to see in Narvik that most attract attention, yes, but only in winter.

Two of the best views is from the cabins to the right of the ski slope, such as those of Narvik Mountain Lodge, where you can stay or just go for a drink. They are from those places that evoke romantic moments by a fireplace.

Northern Lights in Narvik
Northern Lights in Narvik

Another good option is to climb on the gondola or cable car next to the ski resort. From the top of the mountain, if time permits, they can be observed with Narvik and the sea in the background.

  • Cableway: NOK 1,498 (includes hotel transfer, guide and soft drinks)
  • More information on the official website (

Ski resort

For Norwegians, skiing is like us football, basketball or now running. It's something that everyone practices and it couldn't be less that a city like Narvik didn't have a ski resort.

Narvik ski resort
Snowboarding in Narvik

One of the peculiarities of this station is the views, since few stations in the world can say that you are skiing by the sea. The views are summarized in one word, amazing.

  • Adult pass: 375 NOK

Other things you can do

In addition to the things we could enjoy in Narvik and surroundings, if you visit the tourist office You will see that you can do things like:

  • Frozen lakes fishing
  • Snowshoe Routes
  • Fjord Cruise
  • Visit the caves of Sagelven
  • Sleds

Snowshoe route in Narvik

Practical data

Before leaving for Norway

  • Search and compare flights to Norway at the best price
  • Tours in Norway (fantastic!)
  • Norway's Planet planet guide
  • Car rental in Norway with up to 15% discount
  • Hotels in Norway through Booking (recommended)

How to get?

Norway is a country that measures from north to south no less than 2,500 km, so it should be visited by areas and move by plane when the distances are long. The best option to get to Narvik is by plane from Oslo.

Search flights to Narvik

How to move?

The best way to get to know the area is by rental car. Renting a car in Norway is not cheap, so we recommend that you compare prices between different agencies. Try with Rentalcars that compares the agencies that are in the area, but under no circumstances do you contrast it directly at the airport. Always book in advance.

  • Taxi from the airport 1.800NOR

Where to sleep?

Hotels in Narvik

  • Scandic Hotel
  • Quality Hotel

Cabins next to Narvik

  • Narvik mountain lodge. You can also have dinner from 500 NOK.



  • Rallarn Pub os Kro: international food with pub atmosphere. It is on the ground floor of the Quality Hotel
  • Linken restautant: with views and warm atmosphere. It is on the top floor of the Quality Hotel
  • Totta bar. Of the best views of Narvik. It is in the attic of the Scandic Hotel.

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