The unknown wonders of Granada

Travel to Andalusia It is always a rewarding surprise and now more than ever. 2 Unknown Wonders of Granada They have opened their doors after several years of restoration. Gone are the “closure for renovations” posters, canvases covering part of the architecture and scaffolding that so much stuck with our photographs. Now is the time to visit them, living their maximum splendor.

Granada is much more

Every time I come back toPomegranate I bring that bug to leave something to do. One always finds hidden sites that sometimes do not appear in the best guides and that well deserve more than a comment. Many of them were ostracized after years of repair, some of them falling into oblivion. To this day a long list of monuments have been conditioned for the visitor as the Royal Fourth of Santo Domingo, he Garden of the Martyrs located in the Alhambra, the Alcazar Genil wave Zafra House, all of them essential visit.

Of course a weekend in Granada Without going through the Alhambra, even if it is your second time, it is almost mandatory, but you can always go around and look for alternatives. This is just what we propose, book a few hours for the Alhambra and then visit some unusual place like the House of Zafra or the Palace of Alcazar Genil.

Zafra House

There I had to be, in the neighborhood of a thousand and one slopes, Albaicin. It may take some work to upload them, but the excellent views of the Alhambra, especially from the San Nicolás viewpoint, is priceless. Well casually the Zafra House It is just one of those homes that we could see from the viewpoint.

Zafra House

We did not find it by chance, since we had previously visited Pomegranate on multiple occasions and we needed fresh air. We checked the tourism website and took out several places that we did not know as the zafra house, which became one of those unknown wonders of Granada.

Zafra House

Apparently a lot of information about this house has been requested over the years, little more about its original owners although they would surely be noble Nasrids, very common in this neighborhood. Today is the headquarters of the Albaicín Granada Agency, autonomous body of the City of Granada, responsible for the patronage of the Albaicín neighborhood.

The house has a schedule from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., ideal for a visit before dinner in some Albaicín restaurant.

The Almunia of the Alcazar Genil

Very close to the Palacio de Congresos and away from the center, is the palace of Alcazar Genil. Curiously, after the works of the Granada metro, a large swimming pool which belonged to the Alcázar almunia, about 120 meters long. Logically it was decided to conserve and with it build a museum that explained that it was an almunia and in turn a pool.

Alcazar Genil - Granada

The interior of the palace does not require presentation and is decorated in the same style as some rooms of the Alhambra.

Alcazar Genil - Granada

But the interesting thing is under the subway floor ... where the town hall has conditioned it to take us through a sensory trip, they say so, and become an educational visit. A whole museum in the Granada metro.

Alcazar de Genil - Granada

Practical facts about Granada

When to go to Granada?

Granada can be a cold city in winter and very warm in summer, so spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit it. Personally spring is the best option, not only to see the very colorful gardens, but to obtain a beautiful picture of the Alhambra with the Sierra Nevada completely white

How to get to Granada?

Granada has its own airport and a bus station. The first connects with the main Spanish cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, ​​as well as the Balearic and Canary Islands. The bus is the cheapest option and interestingly it takes almost the same as the combined train + bus (Madrid - Granada), which I personally think is not worth it.

Where to eat in Granada?

Granada is a city of tapas and with this we recommend you go this way. For my taste, one of the best streets where to taste them is the Elvira Street, located near the Plaza Nueva. Each cane is served by a large lid and in some cases you can choose it from a long list.

Where to sleep in Granada?

We leave you below a series of hotels of different prices that we liked a lot.

  • Fontecruz Granada: a 5 * hotel at a good price and very close to the cathedral.
  • Carmen Hotel: economic and with a pool located. What more can we ask for.
  • Alhambra Palace: only for foodies and with views of the Alhambra taking off his hat.

Additional Information

From the tourism website of Granada you have access to a large amount of information about all the artistic heritage of the city.

Tours in Granada in Spanish

If you do not want to miss Granada and its corners we recommend that you hire a tour so that you know its history first hand

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