A getaway to Evora (recommendations and tips)

Evora is one of the best preserved medieval cities in all of Portugal and currently heritage of Humanity It is a walled city of winding alleys, hidden corners and squares full of life. It is a city, in full Alentejo, which hides riches of the ancient Roman empire or somewhat bizarre places like the bone chapel. We consider it a city of escape, a city of bridge or weekend, perhaps because we discovered it on a small vacation on the way to Lisbon.

A getaway, a bridge or a weekend

Route by car from Madrid

We discovered Evora in a 4-day getaway, a classic long bridge, in a route by car from Madrid to visit Lisbon, Sintra and surroundings. The surprise was to discover a city like Evora on the way, since we had to spend the night leaving Madrid very late. We certainly do not regret it, because sometimes improvised things and that you least expect are those that give more light to your travels.

Evora Map

Just over an hour from Badajoz or Lisbon

If from Madrid to Evora it is just over 4 hours, from Badajoz it's only an hour away from Seville at 3h and from Lisbon at an hour and a half, times that today by car can be done without hardly laziness or effort, so that a weekend getaway to Evora is more than possible from many corners of Spain or Portugal. In virtually any way, except for the detour to Evora, it is for highway, so the trip is so comfortable that it has become one of the cities of Alentejo most visited

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Guide of Evora, Portugal

What can we see in Evora

Yes, in just an hour there is Badajoz de Evora, a city that many consider that to be able to discover it, touristily speaking, it takes two nights, although due to its size with one it should be more than enough. In the heart of the city is thePraca do Giraldo, where the main arteries of the city go to the main monuments.


Everything is less than 5 or 10 minutes from the square, so you can get the idea of ​​the size of the city. The main places to visit are:

  1. Roman temple
  2. Praca do Giraldo
  3. Capela dos ossos
  4. Evora Cathedral
  5. Igreja da Graca
  6. Courtyard of Sao Miguel
  7. Palácio dos Duques de Cadaval
  8. Evora Walls

1 Roman Temple

One of the things that caught Evora's attention was its small Roman Temple, the better preserved from all over Portugal. It dates from the second century, so it is a real feat to see 14 columns still standing. Next to the Roman Tempo is the magnificent Inn / Convent of Evora, with a spectacular pool.

Roman temple
Roman temple

2 Praca do Giraldo

It is the heart of the city and for us the most beautiful point. From there you can leave anywhere in the city. Also the square is an ideal place to eat or go to breakfast, although it is full of terraces during the summer a bit touristy.

Praca do Giraldo
Praca do Giraldo

3 Capela dos ossos

It is the most “lush” monument or place in the entire city. A chapel built from human remains, something almost unique. We had only seen something similar in Asia, in Tana Toraja, but in Europe for nothing. We know of catacombs full of remains, but a chapel where its columns and walls are based on skulls and skeletons I'm afraid not.

Evora capela dos ossos
Evora capela dos ossos

4 Evora Cathedral

At the top of the city and hidden between streets is the Evora Cathedral. We could only see it from the outside, since it was closed, but simply because of its size we are sure to impress inside.

5 Igreja da Graca

Walking through Evora we find this small church, one of the best cared for in the whole city. Stresses its portico full of columns and the statues that preside.

Igreja da Graca

6 Courtyard of Sao Miguel

Recently restoring this patio is one of the most beautiful places in Evora. It is somewhat hidden, something that does not make too much tourism. Still, Evora, except in summer, is not very visited and places like this you see practically alone. Highlights the bottom terraces and small gardens.

Courtyard of Sao Miguel
Courtyard of Sao Miguel

7 Palácio dos Duques de Cadaval

Next to the Roman Tempo is the famous Palácio dos Duques de Cadavel, a Palace that can be visited inside both for free and guided tours. In our opinion, if you have time, it is not bad, if you go with the right time abroad, it is more than enough.

Palácio dos Duques de Cadaval

8 Walls of Evora

Leaving the old town are the walls of Evora, walls that are present in much of the route and especially, because to access any point or the main hotels of the city you have to go through them. It is worth taking a walk in the morning on the path that the town hall has built.

Evora Wall

Practical data

How to get?

  • Since Madrid It takes about 4h and a half on the Extremadura road, E-90 (A-5) to Badajoz. Once in Portugal, take the A6 to Evora.
  • Since Badajoz It takes an hour on the A6, all highway.
  • Since Seville take the N630 towards Merida and turn off at Almendralejo Badajoz address. Once in Badajoz take the A6 to Evora.

Recommended places for lunch or dinner

One of the best restaurants in the city is the Pousada de Evora Restaurant, where you can taste the typical Alentejo dishes, but at a somewhat high price. If you are looking for a jumpsuit, with an adjusted price we recommend theCartuxa restaurant, next to the Roman Temple. We ate there and the quality / price is very good. In addition, they speak Spanish.

Where to sleep?

  • Inn / Convent of Evora. The best of the city and with a pool with views. From € 150.
  • Moov Hotel. New construction and impeccable rooms. Less than 5 min from the Praca do Giraldo and for only € 49 a night (with parking). It was our choice

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