Only for foodies, the route of the Ceuta cover


Not long ago we talked about the city Ceuta, but we have to detail the cap route, something that the Ceuta know well and that few tourists know. On our last visit to Ceuta we could taste the best tapas of 19 restaurants in the city center. Walking all of them in one day is a feat and a challenge for the stomach, since the tapas can not be said to be small, but if you come to visit the city we will give you the option so you can choose the one you like Among all of them. Let's see how Ceuta moves in gastronomic aspects.

Ceuta Royal Pit

Named Restaurants

To start in Ceuta we have several restaurants to suck your fingers. One with a more Arabic cut and another with a great Mediterranean accent.

Oasis Restaurant

Next to the coast and with enviable views we have the Oasís Restaurant, in Arabic style and style. Tajine, Cuscus, desserts with all Ceuta sugar, everything goes if we talk about Moroccan food, rich and forceful.

Oasis Restaurant

Bugao Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Ceuta can not ignore tuna, something very present in the city, and if you also give it Japanese point In some of its dishes you can make almost a perfect combination. Bugao is not a cheap restaurant, but a delight for the palate and possibly the restaurant with the best winery in all of Ceuta.

The Ceuta Cap Route

Both for lunch and for dinner, go for tapas in Ceuta is a delight. First of all there is variety and its cult to the sea is noticed in its gastronomy next to an Andalusian air in many of its recipes. But the hardest thing comes now, deciding between 5 restaurants for dinner. We say 5 to say a number, since the tapas would not be called small, so we let you choose according to your tastes within the route of the lid. Hala, to enjoy.

Ceuta de tapa

The cover route

  1. La Bodeguita with its mushroom roll with rooster or beef tenderloin with caramelized apple
  2. The Iberian corner and his bag of cheeks to Pedro Ximenez
  3. The delicious carabinero rice or the ox cheek Tryp Hotel
  4. A Japanese air in Good strain, with its teriyaki salmon
  5. The Musaka and the loin belt The Tentaero
  6. In The sanctuary, the bree cheese toast with honey and almonds
  7. Garlic atao based on croutons with mushroom segureña The snoring
  8. The classic marinade fish from The fried Pescaito
  9. In The Lie, the falete montadito
  10. The cheek burger The agency
  11. In Marga's Rincon, zucchini ravioli stuffed with carrillada on puere de potatoes
  12. The spectacular volcano of squid stuffed with mushrooms The sailboat
  13. Fried asparagus and tuna steak with teriyaki sauce La Bodeguita Fortes
  14. The Brasserie and his Iberian rice trinagulitos
  15. The mini hamburger Ulises
  16. The brave potatoes of The spine
  17. At Pepe Inn, the sirloin sprigs
  18. Salmon taco with mango mayonnaise and skewer of chicken medallions in sake room The Rigolleto
  19. And finally, the confused bacalado of The Galician Center

It is clear that it is difficult to decide before so much variety. I prefer not to get wet in any of them, but some of them were able to let me loose the odd tear of how good it was ...

Do you know any more restaurants on the Ceuta tapa route? Leave a comment to expand this list.

By the way, if you want to know more about Ceuta, we recommend you read our article about this city.