Greece. The Delphi Ruins


Greece. The Delphi Ruins. Hundreds of years ago a large crowd of people concentrated in the ancient city of Delphi in Greece. The reason, visit the temple dedicated to God Apolloas it housed the famous Oracle of Delphi. This disturbing place was used by the Greeks to be able to communicate with their Gods, sending them a series of questions.

Delphi Theater

The Delphi Ruins

Delphi, in Greek Delphes is located 260km from the capital of Greece, Athens. Former Panhellenic Sanctuary was the religious center of the Greek world in the 6th century B.C.
It is also considered one of the best preserved ruins in all of Greece.

Since Athens We depart by rental car to the northern mountains, where it is located Delphi. The route is very beautiful, quite green in winter and with the mountains full of snow. It should be noted that at this time tourism is very scarce, on the contrary if you visit it in summer, with the horrible heat included.

Delphi Map

Upon arrival, we park in a small parking lot and pay the entrance fee (around € 9). Delphi to be located in the skirt of a Montana, it is possible to see it almost completely both from below and from above.

We begin our visit to the ancient Roman market, through the Via Sacra. This quickly takes us to a series of small temples called Treasures. These temples were built as an offering to pilgrims who came from different cities, so each treasure has a name related to a city.

As you can see in the following photograph, the tour of the ruins is done by climbing a series of slopes, built in Zig Zag.

Delphi Ruins

He treasure more important is that related to pilgrims from Athens. Unmistakable because it is the best preserved. In fact, it was the 1st to be discovered and restored more than a century ago. Part of the building is a reconstruction and certain pieces are in the Delphi Museum.

Treasure of the Athenians

Continuing the path we arrive at Apollo Temple. Of which only the base and some columns remain. It is a temple dating from the fourth century BC and was built on the remains of an older one.

Inside it housed the Adyton, the center ofOracle of Delphi.

Apollo Temple

Later we meet the magnificent Delphi Theater, very well preserved. It is worth noting the impressive views that the attendees had during the performances. This theater had a capacity of around 5000 spectators.

Delphi Theater

Finishing our tour of the temple area, we end up in the Stadium. At the foot of limestone rock walls and surrounded by pine trees. With its 178m length and a capacity of 7000 spectators, it was the place where different sporting events were held.

Delphi Stadium

Finally, to close our visit to Delphi, we ended up in your Museum. This museum is made up of a multitude of pieces extracted from the excavations carried out on site.

One of the most famous pieces is the Charioteer, made in bronze, as well as the Sphinx of Naxos.

Charioteer - Delphi Museum

The museum consists of 14 rooms divided into 2 floors.

Our visit comes to an end, after spending about 4 hours in the area, we have to move to another place in Greece. The visit is totally recommended.

Practical data of Delphi

When to go to Delphi?

Summer is very hot, I do not recommend it. The rest of the season is a good option to visit, mainly in Spring.

How to get to Delphi?

Since Athens we take the highway of the North and we deviate in Thiva.From here we take a regional road in the direction Livadia / Delfi, until reaching the set of ruins.

What to wear

Mainly sunscreen if you visit it in summer. There is a shop and a restaurant.

Where to sleep?

In the modern city of Delfi there are several places to stay, such as the Hotel Athina close to the archaeological museum and the Sybilla Hotel.

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