How to choose good hiking or mountain sunglasses

If you are looking for good glasses to go to the mountain or for hiking you are in luck. After many bad and good purchases and knowing that the eyes is something to take care of, we are going to recommend 5 mountain glasses and what minimum requirements must be met to ensure a good purchase within the quality - price standards.

Hiking or mountain sunglasses

What should you know first

When you practice outdoor sports and especially when you go out to the mountain, in addition to the sun, there are other factors such as dust, branches, wind or water that makes good sunglasses whenever you go out. Exposure to ultraviolet rays and the lack of visibility by the reflections makes them practically a necessity, since without them you can get to have severe damages in your eyes.

In the Pyrenees

In conditions like a lot of snow, the danger increases exponentially, since the rays reflect on it and can cause damage as severe as permanent blindness, something that we cannot ignore.

Not only is the lens what you should look at

Before entering to assess the type of glass that is necessary in a sunglasses for hiking or mountain, you should know that there are other factors not less important, factors such as:

  • Adjustable temples. Straight sideburns are aesthetically beautiful, but impractical, since you can easily lose your glasses. It is better that they adjust, since in ascents with slope, scale or even in sports like the bicycle, if these do not adjust they will end up on the ground
  • Good ventilation. In humid conditions and especially in winter, the glasses tend to insist. Make sure the glasses have good ventilation
  • Light. The glasses should be light, comfortable and that adapt to your face
  • Modular. There are glasses that are prepared for blizzard, strap and other accessories that make them very versatile

The lens, the most important factor

The first thing you will see when selecting sunglasses for sports use will be the category, a value between 0 and 4 and that indicates the amount of visible light absorption, basically the luminosity. To give you an idea, a category 0 lens is almost transparent and one of category 4 It is to be used in high mountain areas, skiing or water sports and activities, where the incidence of the sun is extreme. This category is so powerful, that its use for driving is not recommended for the amount of light it is able to absorb.

Polarized lenses

These lenses improve contrast and give a feeling of increased quality or color of everything you see around you. Are anti-glare lenses and the water or the snow They are your best scenarios.

Photochromic lenses

It is used a lot to sports activities like cycling, since this type of lens adapts very well to light changes. For example, if you go from a very bright area to a very dark forest, with glasses with photochromic lenses you will not notice the change and therefore, it will not become very dark or too bright.

There are many varieties of photochromic lenses, since the more expensive, the speed and adaptation to the change of light is much faster. Glassesphotochromicat higher value, faster speed and better adaptation.

What is the best lens?

For us the best slow to go to the mountain is a lens with anti-fog treatment, from Category 4 polarized and photochromic, and not only that, that the category "change" depending on the amount of light. There are glasses that are among several categories, so do not be surprised to see glasses that put CAT 2-4, something more and more seen but that makes the sunglasses more expensive.

What sunglasses to buy?

We recommend 5 hiking or mountain sunglasses that never disappoint and are the favorites of those who practice outdoor sports.

1 Julbo Explorer 2.0 with Camaleon lenses

It is possibly one of the best hiking or mountain sunglasses on the market. Its construction is exceptional, protects very well, and can mount several types of lenses depending on the budget of each. Julbo is one of the more specialized manufacturers in glasses for outdoor sports and most of the models that it has in the market can be mounted inside a very varied range of lenses.

Julbo Explorer 2.0

Among all the available Julbo lenses, we recommend mounting the chameleon lens, as it is ideal for Julbo Explorer 2.0. For us it is one of the best photochromic and polarized Cat 2-4 lenses on the market. When you wear them the change is impressive compared to other glasses on the market.

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2 Cebe Proguide

Aesthetically they are very beautiful glasses and are ideal for winter activities It is a spectacle that goes from category 2 to 4 and has a photochromic lens called Variochrome of very good quality at a contained price. The Proguide range is available in a wide assortment of colors, but beware, not all colors are mounted on Variochrome lenses.

Cebe Proguide

The lens of the Cebe Proguide is made of anti-reflective and anti-scratch polycarbonate, and by the way, according to Cebe, it is the favorite of the Alps guides.

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3 Julbo Shield Camaleon

With a design different from Julbo Explorer 2.0, this Julbo glasses model also mounts the Chameleon lens, the polarized and photochromic Cat 2-4 lens. The aesthetic is something more modern and even surfer with respect to the Explorer, so it is a good option if you are looking for a different aesthetic.

Julbo Shield

This model fits very well to the nose and has a design that fits very well to the face.

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4 Cebe Everest Zone Vario Green 2-4

It is a highly resistant model for the most demanding mountaineers. TheEverest They feature CAT 2-4 photochromic polycarbonate lenses with a mirror effect.

Cebe Everest

The tente has a green tint that improves contrast and helps to have less eye fatigue. They are suitable for medium to very intense light conditions.

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5 Altus Traful Cat. 4

These glasses of the Spanish brand Altus have a great quality - price. They are polarized glasses of category 4, very dark and ideal for very sunny days or for days with a lot of snow.

Altus Traful glasses

We have personally tried these glasses and we liked them a lot, that if, in days with little sun and areas of shade, not being photochromic it looks very, very dark, but of course, for the price they have, do not ask pears for the elm.

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