What to see in Cáceres in a weekend


Extremadura is full of beautiful corners such as Mérida, Guadalupe, Elmeandro del Melero, Plasencia, the region of La Vera, Hervás and the Ambroz Valley, Jerez de los Caballeros and thus countless beautiful places without forgetting the national park of Monfragüe. Cáceres is another of his jewels and today we have the pleasure of presenting what we have to see in Cáceres.

What to see in Cáceres in a weekend

What to see in Cáceres during a weekend

The main attractions of Cáceres are within the wall or also called a monumental city. An area that concentrates the main churches and palaces of the city, towers of Arab origin, as well as neighborhoods of high cultural interest such as the Jewish quarter, although the latter is already on the edge of the wall. However, the origin of the city is not in its Arab past, nor is it Roman, but much further back. Its origins date from the Upper Paleolithic, where the first indications can be observed in theMaltravieso cave.

What to see in Cáceres in a weekend

Two days are more than enough to see the main monuments of the city. Below we show you what we saw on our last visit, whose list does not highlight their importance, but the order in which we visited them.

Cáceres Map

What to see in Cáceres ?. 17 key points

  1. Main Square
  2. Star Arch
  3. Bujaco Tower
  4. Yerba Tower
  5. Co-cathedral of Santa María
  6. Carvajal Palace
  7. Palace of the Golfines de Abajo
  8. Church of San Francisco Javier
  9. San Mateo Church
  10. Stork Tower
  11. Cáceres Museum
  12. Jewish Quarter
  13. Tower of the Wells
  14. Santiago church
  15. Maltravieso Cave
  16. Mars Street Viewpoint
  17. Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Mountain

The cave of Maltravieso and the Sanctuary of our lady of the Mountain are far from the center

1 Plaza Mayor de Cáceres

It is very likely that the first thing we visit is the Main Square of Cáceres. In this place hotels and restaurants agglutinate, therefore the majority of tourists stay here. However, within the wall there are accommodation options, much more expensive and against having many complications to park.
What to see in Cáceres - Plaza Mayor Main Square we have the city hall of Cáceres, the tower of Bujaco, Los Púlpitos and that of Yerba, the hermitage of La Paz and one of the most beautiful accesses to the old town, the arch of the Star.

2 Star Arch

The quintessential access to the historic center of Cáceres. It is accessed by long stairs or by a ramp at its right end. The arch dates from the fifteenth century and its name comes from the virgin of the Star, an image that we can see on its back.

What to see in Cáceres on a weekend By the way, the Star arch and the Bujaco tower appear in the Game of Thrones series.

3 Bujaco Tower

This tower has the best views of the Plaza Mayor and allows us to walk about 50 meters up the wall, even reaching the oven tower. It has a height of 25m, is from the 12th century and of Almohad origin. Its base is built on Roman ashlars.

What to see in Cáceres - Torre de Bujaco

From the tower we are allowed to have views of the House of the Toledo-Moctezuma as well as the Episcopal Palace.

What to see in Cáceres - Torre de Bujaco y del Horno Like the arc of the Star, it was part of the scene of the Game of Thrones series.

How much?

  • € 2.5 or € 3 if we buy the joint ticket with the tower of the Wells.


  • In winter from 10.00-14.00 and 16.30-19.30 h.
  • In summer from 10.00-14.00 and 17.30-20.30 h.

4 Yerba Tower

On one side of the town hall is the Yerba tower, in the small square of Las Piñuelas. From there there is an access to the historic center and it has good views of the wall.

What to see in Cáceres - Torre de Yerba

5 Co-cathedral of Santa María and Catedralicio museum

One of the most important churches in the city with a very well maintained Gothic nave. This can be visited almost completely, from the main nave, through several chapels, a museum and even the church tower.

What to see in Cáceres - Co-cathedral of Santa María On the way to the church tower, you can see the main nave from a higher point. The last flights of stairs to access the tower are narrow and you have to walk with caution.
What to see in Cáceres - Co-Cathedral of Santa María

How much?

  • € 4 per person. Audio guide is delivered.


  • 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Sundays closes from 12:30 to 14:00.

6 Palace and tower of Carvajal

It is a 15th-century Gothic-style palace that has a beautiful garden and a fig tree With several hundred years. It is still producing inedible figs when treated with some chemical.

What to see in Cáceres - Carvajal Palace

How much?

  • Is free.


  • Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 20:45
  • Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.
  • Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 1:45 p.m.

7 Palace of the Golfines de Abajo

On the way to the church of San Francisco Javier we will cross several palaces such as the Golfines de Abajo, the Palace of the Provincial Council and the palace of the Golfin-Roco. Old families of Cáceres.

What to see in Cáceres - Palace of the Golfines de Abajo

This section is like traveling in time and moving to the Spain of the conquests in America, although some car may circulate….

8 Church of San Francisco Javier

The tallest church in the city and perhaps the one that most hits the eye by having two towering white towers unlike the other churches in the historic center.

What to see in Cáceres - Church of San Francisco Javier

At the time we visited it, it was under renovation, but its main ship could be seen after climbing a very narrow spiral staircase Also the access to the two towers was open, with the tower on the right having the best views.

What to see in Cáceres - Church of San Francisco Javier

The church is located in the St. George's Square. Probably the busiest place in the entire old town of Cáceres, since it connects the co-cathedral with the city museum.

What to see in Cáceres - Plaza de San Jorge

How much does it cost?

  • € 1 access to the two towers and the church.


  • 10: 00-14: 00h and from 16: 30-19: 30h.

9 Church of San Mateo

Located on the foundations of an old mosque, the church of San Mateo was built in the 16th century. It is located very close to the Torre de las Cigüeñas and the Cáceres museum.

What to see in Cáceres - Iglesia de San Mateo

10 House of the Caceres-Ovando and Tower of the Storks

The house of the Cáceres-Ovando houses a free military-themed museum. There are different types of weapons, badges and flags, as well as other types of utensils. The tower is closed to the public and only opens on very specific dates.

What to see in Cáceres - Tower of the storks

How much does it cost?

  • Gratuitous

11 Cáceres Museum

Probably the best museum in the city. Historical pieces of Cáceres are exhibited, since prehistoric times, Romans, Arabs, ..., etc. It is large and divided into two buildings, where one of them is used for temporary exhibitions.

What to see in Cáceres - Cáceres Museum

In the main building we have one of the jewels of the city of Cáceres, its cistern. This still has water after hundreds of years without using.

What to see in Cáceres - Cáceres Museum

How much?

  • It is free and has bathrooms.


  • Closed Monday.
  • Tuesday to Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Saturdays: 10.00-14.30h and 16.00-20.00h.
  • Sundays from 10.00-15.00h.

12 Hermitage of San Antonio and Jewish Quarter

It is a 15th century hermitage built on an old synagogue. It retains the architecture of the Jewish quarter and is located on the same access street as the Tower of the Wells.

What to see in Cáceres - Hermitage of San Antonio

13 Tower of the Wells

Reaching it is complicated, but even when there is no signaling to find it and its access is through one of the houses of the Jewish quarter.

What to see in Cáceres - Torre de los Pozos

Its views are not a big deal, but the most important thing about it is its historical value as a defensive tower. This protected the personnel that went down to the river for water and the wells that are under it, being these visible today.

What to see in Cáceres - Viewpoint of the tower of the Wells

How much?

  • € 2.5 or € 3 if we buy the joint ticket with the Bujaco tower.

14 Church of Santiago

It is one of the largest churches in the city and curiously is outside the walled area, although relatively close to it. To highlight its main altarpiece ofAlonso de Berruguete built in the 16th century.

What to see in Cáceres - Iglesia de Santiago


  • 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

15 Maltravieso Cave

It was in this cave where the first settlements were discovered where today is Cáceres and that are dated from the Upper Paleolithic. In the cave there are paintings on the wall in very good condition.

What to see in Cáceres - Maltravieso Cave


  • Restricted hours. Call to know the exact time.

16 Mars Street Viewpoint

A few years ago there was a viewpoint in the east of Cáceres called San Marquino viewpoint. Over time it was neglected and today it is completely dismantled. However, if we go up Fuente Fuente street until we find the Mars street, where there is a very small land parking, we will get great views of the city.

What to see in Cáceres in a weekend

As you can see in the photographs, it is advisable to go both at night and during the day. The views are the best in the city without a doubt. They are also on their way to sanctuary of our lady of the mountain.

What to see in Cáceres in a weekend

17 Shrine of Our Lady of the Mountain

It is a church located on a mountain near Cáceres. In fact it is very common to get to the top walking on Sundays with the prize of achieving magnificent views.

What to see in Cáceres in a weekend

The only drawback is that to get here it is best to go by car or taxi.

What to see in Cáceres in a weekend

Practical data

When to go to Cáceres

Cáceres is dressed in green from the end of winter until the beginning of summer, when it starts to get very hot. Therefore spring and autumn, as well as winter are the best times to visit it.

Recommendations in Cáceres

  • In the center it is parked quite badly and it makes no sense to take a thousand turns. It is best to leave the car near the bullring or even in the east of the city. From there there is only 10 minutes walking to the historic center.
  • The best places to eat are not usually attached to the Plaza Mayor.
  • Touring Cáceres at night is beautiful and at the same time very quiet.
  • Get lost in its narrow streets and discover places not marked on tourist maps.

How to get to Cáceres by public transport

It can be reached by train, that transport so famous for its delays in Extremadura. It can also be reached by Bus from Madrid or Seville, among other cities.

Cáceres Tours

In Cáceres there are all kinds of tours, from free to all kinds of guided tours. The first tour of the main monuments of interest during a guided tour of almost 3 hours.

Cáceres Tour

A tour at no cost and lasting 1.5 hours. Well, it is normal to tip :-D,

Free tour of Cáceres

One of which it is impossible to get bored. A group of professional actors will tell us the most interesting stories of the city of Cáceres.

Theatrical tour of Cáceres

Where to eat in Cáceres

Ideally, go tapas in the city. There are countless sites and all kinds of prices. Many tapas are free and the most elaborate are paid.

  • Tapería Yuste: located in one of the luxury hotels of the city, offers a good assortment of tapas the rich sea.
  • Iberian Tapería Restaurant: typical tapas bar where ham cannot be missing.
  • Felisa's Palate Restaurant

Where to sleep in Cáceres

As always we leave you a list with several hotels in the city.

  • Cáceres Sol: Apartment for 4 people 5 minutes from downtown. Kitchen included and good internet connection.
  • Bárcelo Cáceres V centenario: luxury hotel ideal to surprise your partner.
  • Hotel Iberia Plaza Mayor: medium price hotel close to Plaza Mayor.
  • Hotel Alfonso IX: hotel with an adjusted price in the center. Excellent quality / price.

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