How to get to Paris from the airport (Routes and transport)


Getting to Paris from the airport can be easier and cheaper than one imagines. It all depends on the weather, the arrival airport or if you go alone, as a couple, with friends or family.

How to get to Paris from the airport

For many it is always a drama to arrive in a city and not know what transport choose. Today we review the best options for get to Paris from the airport, but beware, it all depends on each one's budget and, above all, on how many you are and how much time you have.

Paris airports
Eiffel Tower

A Cab, a UBER or a car with driver they are alwaysa good option when you go a minimum of 3 Or if you are in a hurry. The bus and the train are not just the most requested options andthe cheapest, if not also the slowest. In any case, we tell you all the possible options to get to Paris without problems.

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1 In Taxi, a not-so-expensive option

As in other cities like Madrid, in Paris there is a fixed rate for taxis. Getting to Paris from the airport at a reasonable rate will depend on the distance, since the airport of Paris Orly is much closer than that of Charles de Gaulle. To the center of paris The fare is between € 30 and € 35 from Paris Orly and € 45-50 from Charles de Gaulle. The € 5 difference varies if you go to the left or right bank of the Seine River.

Uber in Paris

Although it may seem a lie, going by Taxi is not much more expensive than in cities like Madrid or Barcelona, ​​don't you think?

2 By Bus to Paris

It is possibly one of the best options of how to get to Paris from the airport. There are both private and regular lines and the price starts from € 1.90 and up.

From Paris Orly

  • Line 183. For € 1.90 it leaves you inPorte de Choisy, south of Paris
  • Line 285. At the same price as line 183, this one leaves you at the stationJuvisy or Louis Aragon
  • With Lets Bus Direct (Line 1 or line 3) you can go to the Champs Elysées or to Trocadero from € 12. It is usually something slow
  • With Orlybus is agood option for € 9.20. You can buy the ticket combined with the metro for € 12, but beware, it only has one stop, at Denfert-Rochereau station

From Charles de Gaulle

  • Line 350. For € 5.10 leaves you at the station Gare de l'Es
  • Line 351. For the same price as the 350 this line leaves you in Nation Square
  • With Lets Bus Direct (Line 2) you can go to the Champs Elysées, Montparnasse or Campo de Marte from € 18

3 Arrive in Paris by Train

Although the subway does not arrive at the Paris airport, there is the option of arriving by bus, tram or call BEEF (Réseau Express Régional), the regional train service.

From Paris Orly

  • Tramway Tram 7. It is slow but very economical. For € 1.90 you leave at the metro station Villejuif-Louis Arago (Line 7 - zone 3)

From Charles de Gaulle

  • RER The regional train service will reach the stations of Gare Du Nord, St. Michel-Notre Dame, Châletet Les Halles or Denfert-Rochereau.

Metro in Paris

4 In VTC or car with driver

In Paris there is both the option of UBER as the car with driver prior reservation.

See transfers from / to the airport

  • With UBER between € 30 and € 40 you arrive downtown from Paris Orly and to Charles de Gaulle between € 45 and € 50 per tour
  • Another option is the car reservation with driver. Ideal for families and a very comfortable and not so expensive alternative. See Civitatis transfers.


If you know any alternative to how to get to Paris from the airport, leave us a comment to keep this article up to date.

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