Game of Thrones in Girona. Guide, locations and filming


A few months ago it was announced that the sixth season of Game of Thrones would be filmed in Girona, Gerona in Spanish. Today we have that geek day and we are going to mix the possible filming locations with our recent visit to Girona.

For the one who has visited Catalonia He knows that Girona is one of those small but really beautiful provincial capitals. Surely does not receive all the public it deserves for its geographical isolation with the rest of the provinces of Spain, or who knows, for those political dyes that I am not going to enter or for having one of the most spectacular cities in Spain just over an hour, Barcelona.

Girona Overview

But now things may change. Record Game of Thrones in Girona It will give a draft not only national, but also international, and will encourage you to visit this beautiful city even if only to see the scenarios where the famous series will be recorded. Winter is coming ?.

Game of Thrones in Girona

The walls, the old town and that medieval dye of Girona fit perfectly in a series like Game of Thrones. For the little we know the producer among the September 3 and 18, 2015 will foreseeably roll sequences of Ancient, the city of the west. We know from George R. R. Martín that Antigua is the second most populous city in the series with a port that will speak. Yes ... now maybe you are wondering, but if Girona has no sea ?. True, but if there is something that stands out from the Game of Thrones series are the special effects. I am already imagining from the top of the Girona Cathedral watching the sea of ​​the west.


We also assume that Girona will be Antigua for a place called theCitadel, place of formation of the masters, where the old town of Girona as its Jewish quarter can perfectly stage this place.

It is also speculated that Sant Martí stairs, the cathedral or the Benedictine Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants they will be the sites chosen during filming, but as you will see below, they will surely take advantage of many spaces in the city.


Apart from Girona, both Seville, the Royal Bardenas in Navarra, the castle of Santa Florentina in the province of Barcelona, ​​Peñíscola and Guadalajara will be recorded Game of Thrones scenes.

What to see in Girona

Already focusing on the city, and following closely the places that can fit perfectly in the filming of Game of Thrones in Girona, let's see that points of interest at the tourist level the city has. We were a whole day, walking, looking for viewpoints and this is our experience.


How much time do you need to see Girona?

Girona being a small city it is possible to discover it in a single morning on foot, without hurry and touring the most important points. Obviously if you want to visit its museums and enjoy its gastronomy you will have to be at least a whole day. In the face of museums we could only see El Call, in the Jewish quarter, but we don't enter the Arab baths or the arqueologic Museum, since the recommendations of more friends were clear. The best is the city itself, not its museums.

On the other hand, if you want to shop in addition to tourism in the center you have theCarrer de L'Argenteria, one of the main commercial routes, but of small dimensions. The center is not very small.

The hanging houses on the river Onyar

Possibly it is the most known image of Girona. Multicolored facades, terraces and windows on the river Onyar and the succession of bridges that connect the two parts of the city. Although the Onyar River as it passes through the hanging houses does not carry a large flow, it does not prevent it from being the most beautiful area of ​​Girona and one of the most photographed in the city.

Hanging houses in Girona
Iron bridge

In Girona there are up to 4 urban bridges on the Onyar River. The most famous is the Iron bridge, built in 1876 and designed by Gustav Eiffel, known for the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Cathedral of Santa Maria de Girona

Here it is possible to make both guided tours and free, since with the pass to the cathedral includes an audio guide so you can understand this beautiful work of the eleventh century ofRomanesque and Gothic style.

Once inside the cathedral its dimensions are larger than they seem and what impressed us most was the entrance of light by theSaladriga Rosette.

Girona Cathedral

Attached to the cathedral there is a small cloister that we saw in full rehabilitation or conditioning, since we had to circumvent stones, slabs and small works that depleted this small place.

Girona Cathedral

It is worth sitting on stairs of the entrance of the cathedral, triumphant in appearance, as if they had to ascend kings for them.

Girona Cathedral

Price of admission: € 7 (Includes is access to the church of Sant Feliu and the audio guide). Hours from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Basilica of Sant Feliu (San Felix)

Next to the cathedral is possibly one of the most important religious symbols of the city. From Sant Feliu we can highlight both its chapels and its sarcophagi, point where all tourists eager to bring immortalized a good photograph on their iPhone usually accumulate.

Basilica of Sant Feliu

Price of admission: € 7 (Includes is access to the church of Sant Feliu and the audio guide)

Wall Walk

If you climb around the wall by Arab bathsyou will access the wall through the North of the city. There is a good flight of stairs at this point next to a small park, which gives access to one of the highest points in the city and where you can see for example the church of Sant Pere de Galligants or at the top, the cathedral or the basilica.


Of the walls stand out the ruins of the Medieval tower of the Gironella, where there is a spectacular viewpoint, and the walk along the wall to the Sant Domenec Tower.

The wall is of course the best viewpoint towards the old town. When Game of Thrones is rolled in Girona this will be one of the main points where the series will be filmed, though, although there is a lot of special effect to eliminate the newly built homes ...


The Jewish quarter

Rolling Game of Thrones in Girona is possibly for places like La Judería, since it represents a perfect setting of the Middle Ages. You can still see their courtyards and where the Jews lived. The best of this place are its alleys, with those small slopes that ascend towards the college or towards the wall.

In the Jewish quarter there is a small museum with the most original pieces, such as a reconverted source that they had to bring from the outskirts of the city.

Jewish Quarter

Independence Square

On the other side of the Onyar River we have the Plaza de la Independencia. We reach it through the Iron Bridge walking through a pedestrian street. In summer there are a lot of terraces and you can eat perfectly for less than € 5. Our choice was a great sandwich of sausage, could not be less.

Independence Square

Practical data

If I come by car, where do I park?

If you arrive by car there is a parking lot across the river, in front of Sant Feliu, since the shore where the main points of the center are or it is not possible to park or is pedestrian. Another point where you can leave the car is near theMercadona, 5-10min walk from the center.

Where to sleep?

High price

  • Hotel Nord 1901. Few hotels for € 100 offer this luxury. With pool!.
  • Apartments Girona Center. For just over € 100 a spectacular apartment.

Average / Low Price

  • Margarit Hotel. In the center for € 50.
  • Borrás Guesthouse. 10min from the cathedral for € 40.

Curiosities of Girona

We were struck by an old bookshop in the center, the Collector Portal, on Forca Street, 25.

Guided Game of Thrones Tours

In Girona it is possible to take a guided tour with Civitatis, a good option if you want to know the corners and stories of the series.

More about Girona

We leave you an article about Girona that we elaborate with other bloggers.

Plans of the basilica and the cathedral

Map of the Cathedral and the Basilica