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Myanmar for free has been one of the most special trips we have had. We did in rainy season, in the middle of August, and except one in three days we did not see the sun. It seems a disaster, because it was not at all, since places like Bagan or Mandalay We liked them so much that the rain turned pale and made us forget their presence. Myanmar is fashionable and does not surprise us, it has everything, and it certainly has to become one of those Asian countries that will soon shade places as touristy as Thailand.

Bulethi Pagoda, Bagan

Myanmar for free (Recommendations)

Myanmar It is a simple country to travel whenever you go to the most visited points of the country. There are multitude of companies areas with regular flights internally. Transportation is not scarce although on land it is very, very slow. If we talk about the costs of day to day going to Myanmar for free is not entirely cheap. Year after year prices grow and it has already become a country much more expensive than your neighbor Thailand and that is much poorer and with much less resources. We recommend it and more if it is your first approach to Asia. To the most travelers, except Bagan and the people of MyanmarIt may not fascinate them so much, but only with that place and the quality of its people deserves, of course, one or two visits.

When to go to Myanmar?

Myanmar is a tropical country mainly, although there are drier and less rainy areas like Bagan. In general, its climate is tropical with a time of monsoons. From June and October the rains They are frequent and can withstand the trip. Instead of November to February It is drier and temperatures more pleasant.

Myanmar people


Myanmar is a safe country, especially in the most tourist areas. You can perfectly travel to Myanmar for free. At no time did we see signs of violence, although we know in good faith that there is a lot of repression among the population. In Hsipaw they told us that there was a little guerrilla in the mountains that was against the government, especially for the revolutionary taxes of some corrupt politician in the area. There are states where access is very restricted. For example, to go north you need more than a month of paperwork once inside the country, so few can afford to visit certain parts of the country. The areas where there is no tourism, are equally safe, although it is better to ask if you go to areas where much police control is required as in the northern Myanmar.

Floating villages of Inle Lake

Visa to Myanmar

As of the date of this article, the visa cannot be issued from Spain. The usual procedure is usually done by mail to the embassy / consulate in Myanmar in Paris or Berlin. In our case we chose Berlin, and it took some three weeks in issuing the visa. Another option and always up to date is to go to the official website of Myanmar.

In order to obtain the visa you have to send the passport by mail with shipping fees, € 25, as well as shipping costs, about € 10.

There are people who prefer to get a visa in Bangkok, Thailand, since many flights to go to Myanmar stop in this city. If you decide this option, the visa is much faster. No more than 24 / 48h.

The cost of living in Myanmar

Every year prices rise in Myanmar. An example is the Lonely Planet of 2013, where prices were 30-40% cheaper than we could find, especially hotels. Myanmar for free seemed in the end more expensive than we thought, especially for the prices you will see below:

  • Cab. An average of 3,000 - 5,000 MMK on city trips.
  • Food. Between 3,000 and 5,000 MMK, although in the most local stalls or restaurants you eat for less than half.
  • Accommodation. 30,000 MMK
  • Flights Between $ 60 and $ 100.
  • A bottle of water. 300 MMK
  • A beer. 700 MMK
  • A Coca Cola between 1,000 and 1,500 MMK.
  • A Gin Tonic or a cocktail. 3,000 MMK

Market next to Inle Lake

To consider is the issue of cashiers. You will not find many ATMs that accept foreign cards nor can you make any payment with them. You have to bring dollars, the newer the better. They will not accept any that are bent or old.

It should be noted that in the Inle Lake the prices are 15% Taller.


Hallucinatory, there is wifi in some restaurants And in many hotels. The connection will not be very fast, but at least there are places where you can connect. This has not happened years ago, but since 2013 the thing has changed a lot.


For companies that are not missing in Myanmar. Most of them cover flights to Yangon, Bagan, Heho or Mandalay. There is even one that flies via Yangon to Singapore from Mandalay. It is certainly a perfect country to go for free.

  • Air Mandalay
  • Asian Wings
  • Yangon Airways
  • Myanmar Airways
  • Air Bagan
  • Golden Airways
  • Air Asia with flights to Bangkok.

Flying in Myanmar

We recommend that you use websites with greater security in order to make the purchase, due to the cancellation issue. In addition, prices do not usually vary too much. You can use websites like Skyscanner or similar.

Facing the bus, is the cheapest medium in the country but also the slower. Sometimes it is more advisable to take a shared taxi, since long distances become very hard. There is also the river transport, for its large rivers, like the one that goes from Bagan to Mandalay, a classic crossing where you can see many temples from the ship.

Health and vaccines

To begin, the vaccination certificate of the yellow fever provided you have come from countries prone to it. We were not asked to come from other countries in Asia. If you come from Spain, vaccination is recommended but not mandatory.

To be more up to date we recommend you visit the website of Ministry of Health.

Travel insurance

For a trip like this it is best to take out insurance. Iati offers us a offer for followers Travel for free. Traveling does not exempt you from having an accident, needing a doctor, a transfer or medication. Do not play it. Check the travel insurance by clicking on the banner and you will have a 5% in your insurance for being a reader of Travel for free. If you want more information click here.

Essential visits in Myanmar

This is a map of the main places we saw on our last trip to Myanmar for free. This trip for days you have detailed in the article What to see in Myanmar in two weeks.

The main entrance to the country, Yangon

Yangon is one of the main entrances of the country and point of access to many monuments, such as the spectacular Shwedagon Paya. It is a place that deserves at least two days, both for its size and to learn a little more about ancient Burma. Continue…

Shwedagon Paya

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The wonder of Bagan

If there is a place in Asia where tourism begins to be incipient but scarce, where there is a landscape that stands out for being one of the jewels of this little planet In which we live, surely a place like Bagan or Nyaungu will sound like few. Continue…


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Mandalay and surroundings

There are so many things to see in Mandalay that it is worth spending at least 3 nights in the ancient capital of Myanmar. We did not bet too much on her, perhaps thinking that it could be another bustling asian city. Continue…


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Hsipaw hiking

To the north of Mandalay There is an ideal mountainous region to escape the heat and noise of the big city. Hsipaw is a small mountain town full of trails and hills that retain a natural beauty hard to see in the Inle Lake or in other places where tourism is open in Myanmar. Continue…


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Inle Lake

We are facing Lake Inle, a place surrounded by green mountains and more than 200 floating villages and villages. Inle Lake hides everything a traveler looks for. From hiking trails, boat rides, bike routes and even vineyards. Continue…

Inle Lake

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