Barcelona. 5 places you have to visit

Barcelona is a city that has undergone two major transformations. The first with the arrival of genius of several architects who put at the forefront of the modernism to Barcelona at the end of the 19th century. The second transformation was at the end of the 20th century, with those olympics for the memory and that gave light and showed a "hidden" sea to Barcelona, ​​giving it the splendor it has today and placing it as one of the most desired cities of the 21st century.


Barcelona today

Nowadays Barcelona is a modern city, where a cosmopolitan air is breathed and that has attracted a multitude of tourists and foreign residents both because of the weather and its excellent gastronomy. In Barcelona there are many good restaurants. If you walk by him Grace Walk, for him Gothic Quarter or near the Mapfre Tower You can find everything from restaurants with a modern cut or signature cuisine, to the rice or fish classics in the port of Barcelona.

I have lost count of the times I have been able to visit Barcelona and as always I tend to compare it with other cities that you know or rather, of the city from which you come, in my case Madrid. It is true that Madrid is a city with much more nightlife, but the weather, the original thing is itsarchitectureGod, what Gaudi he is a true teacher, who lives towards the sea with one of the best urban beaches in the world and that it is a city prepared to be traveled and visited by bicycle, they put it on the highest bar of Spanish and possibly European cities that must be visited at least during a weekend.

Guell park

A perfect, almost circular route would be started at a bike rental point near the Guell park. From there there are excellent views of all of Barcelona and it can also be Gaudi's first contact with modernism. After touring the park, see its stairs or the museum house, rent a bike and get off in the direction of the sacred Family, possibly the most famous place in all of Barcelona. From there, almost horizontally you can go to the Grace Walk and see La Pedrera or Mila House, with an unmistakable style and that hides a great treasure, some chimneys in the form of centurions on the roof.

To finish the tour we opted to end at sea, having dinner at the port of Barcelona next to the Mapfre Tower and the old Olympic village.

5 places you have to visit

A weekend may seem short to see Barcelona, ​​but if you rent a bike it will be very easy to see the 5 points we recommend in a short visit to Barcelona.

Gaudí's Holy Family

Without words, different, modern, an authentic work of art. This temple consists of 8 towers over 170m high. This temple gives its name to the neighborhood of Eixample Dreta, which began to be built at the end of the 19th century.

Of the 8 bell towers devised by Gaudí only 3 saw them in life, let's not forget that this fabulous temple has not yet been completed, it seems that it is for Guiness record ...

La Pedrera / Casa Mila

An emblem of modernism was inaugurated in 1910. On its roof there are some original fireplaces and excellent views towards the Sagrada Familia.

The stone

Guell park

A place of tale of a genius, picturesque and departure from our visit.

Guell park

La Rambla

The most tourist street in the city, with many stalls to buy souvenirs Ends in one of the most popular squares in the city by the sea, the Columbus square.

La Barceloneta and surroundings of the Mapfre Tower

The city's marine neighborhood and the former Olympic village.

Mapfre Tower

Apart from these 5 places there is one with a special flavor, the Spain Square. Symbol of the universal exhibition of 1929 and one of the most emblematic spaces for its architecture and its fountains.

If you want to see Barcelona and at a good price, follow these little tips:

  • Move by bicycle Barcelona has the perfect weather so you can't say no.
  • Find a hotel in the center of the city, they will always allow you to have many places to eat / dine and of course, go out at night.
  • If you are looking for a more welcoming place, a good option is to rent an apartment, a real luxury!
  • Ask for the Barcelona Card, you can always save money on transportation or at the entrance to certain museums.
  • Tour the port of Barcelona and enjoy a picnic on the beach.

Save money in Barcelona with the Barcelona Card

The card Barcelona Card It opens the doors of the city. It includes museums, tourist visits, restaurant discounts. 3 days from € 45, although here you can buy it from € 34.

Barcelona Card

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