Mides Oasis Walking through the bowels of Tunisia

He Mides Oasis or Mides Canyon, is a natural site located west of Tunisia next to the border town with Algeria of Ain El Karma. This area was devastated by terrible floods that lasted 22 days in 1969 and ended with the almost complete destruction of the town of You measure and the nearby Tamerza, where another oasis is located a few kilometers away and a small set of waterfalls

Mides Oasis

Mides Oasis Walking through the bowels of Tunisia

He Mides Oasis It is one of the many oases found in this area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTunisia. Perhaps the most famous is theChebika Oasis, for its crystal clear waters and its privileged location. However, Chebika lacks a natural area as important as the Mides Canyon. This throat of orange and yellow tones was formed by the erosion of the waters that flow only in the rainy season. Curiously, he was immortalized in several films like The English Patient and the even more mythical, Indiana Jones in search of the lost ark.

But not only the filmmakers found utility in the area, but also the ancient romans They took advantage of it, using large mirrors placed on the mountain, to warn in case of danger to the inhabitants of the city.

Mides Canyon

Today the town of You measure sits in the middle of a palm grove, although on the maps the town is called Ain El Karma. There is little left of the ancient city after the floods that ended the lives of 400 people almost 50 years ago, but their life has barely changed over time, mainly sourcing dates, figs and oranges.

Mides Oasis

Entering the canyon is no cost, we just have to get around some vendor of desert roses and go down to the bowels of this, previous photos from the viewpoint. The bottom of this is totally sandy, with lots of fossils and minerals brought by the waters.

Mides Oasis

The silence that one enjoys at the bottom of the Mides Canyon It is very cozy. One imagines that a great current of water could come at any moment, but nothing is further from reality. The day is sunny and it has not rained for weeks.

Mides Canyon

Walking towards one of its ends, the Mides Canyon It narrows more and more until we find several pools of water with greenish tones due to stagnation. In her live several kinds of amphibians, some of them with a color so colorful that nothing good can bring.

Mides Canyon

Personally the Mides Oasis It is a perfect excursion if we combine it with the Chebika Oasis and Tamerza. Three in a single day and in less than 30 kilometers of separation between the 3.

Practical data - Mides Oasis

When to go to the Mides Oasis?

The high season covers the months of June to August and Easter. Summer is very hot and the rest of the months it is very good during the day and cold at night.

Since 2010 there is little tourism and it has been concentrated in summer. TheArab Spring It has frightened tourists and now little by little the country begins to regain its splendor. Is now the best time to visit it? The answer is yes.

How to go to the Mides Oasis?

Since Tozeur we take the road towards Algeria until Tamerza, 76 kilometers. Once in this town, we take the detour to Algeria. We will have a parking lot attached to the canyon and a few souvenir stands.

We recommend combining it with theChebika Oasis.

Where to stay?

We stayed at the 4 * Hotel Ras el Ain from Tozeur. Comfortable rooms, with cable internet since the Wifi It only reaches the entrance hall and the main pool. It has an indoor pool for the colder months.

Where to eat?

We have to move to nearby towns like Tozeur, given that there are no food stores or restaurants in cinematic places. I recommend you try some flour balls similar to Gnocchi accompanied by dromedary meat.

What to wear

We are in the desert ... So bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, a handkerchief in case you have to protect yourself from sand and lots of water. At Mides Oasis they don't usually sell Water No food

Is it safe to visit / travel to Tunisia?

We have not seen any problem in this regard and the country is quite calm. Perhaps we are shocked that there are barbed wire fences in one of its squares, but this is because the government does not want potential protesters to camp in their squares.

I advise you to read our post on Security in Tunisia.

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More information

Tunisian Tourist Office

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