Route along the West Coast of the United States by car


Who does not feel like doing the West Coast of the U.S? Walk your National Parks or admire several of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. It seems that this trip has become one of the many TO DOs in each person's life. Places like him Colorado's canyon or the landscapes of Mount Valley are in everyone's memory because of the constant bombardment of American films. It is true that advertising has, but the truth is that places like these really deserve it. Let's see how to travel the West Coast in three weeks.

Grand canyon

Our itinerary begins in the depraved and nocturnal Las Vegas to finish in one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, San Francisco.

What to see on the West Coast of the United States

When people ask us which itinerary would be ideal to travel the West Coast We respond depends. There are two ways to go through it, one is by sea ​​road, the true West Coast, or the interior, where they cover states like California, Nevada, Utah or Arizona, almost the pure interior of the U.S. What is clear that what most impacts this area are its landscapes and National Parks, places that we wanted to condense on this route along the West Coast.

  • Las Vegas
  • Zion National Park
  • Bryce Canyon
  • Lake powell
  • Antelope Canyon
  • Monument Valley
  • Grand canyon
  • Las Vegas and Suscasinos
  • Death valley
  • Mammoth Lake
  • Bodie
  • Monkey lake
  • Yosemite
  • Sequoia National Park
  • San Francisco

Rent a car

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Recommendations before leaving

If you go in high season it is highly recommended book with at least 3 months the hotels or the campsites, since they are usually full. In addition, if you do not book with this time it will be practically impossible to sleep inside a national park. If you go in a better group, since many hotels the rooms are prepared for families, so you you save a lot of money.

Finally, do not forget about take out insurance. It is the United States, if something happens to you, you will pay and much.

Travel insurance

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It is highly recommended to take out travel insurance if you travel to the United States. Any mishap in this country is synonymous with ruin. The health costs are excessive although the care is of quality.

Itinerary. The West Coast by car and in three weeks

Although it is possible to do it in two weeks suffering, running, with risk of being fined and especially without enjoying it to the fullest, it is possible. We recommend doing it in three weeks, to devote time to the parks, to do hiking trails and be able to at least sleep in all of them. If your option is two weeks, you may not be able to stay in all the parks and above all, you will not be able to make routes as mythical as Zion's, taking you all day. Here is our itinerary.

Day 1

Normally when you arrive in the United States from Spain, you arrive tired with so much control and so much scale. To travel to Las Vegas, you usually stop in Philadelphia or Charlotte, so you should rest just after arriving at the destination.

  1. Arrive to Las Vegas.
  2. Night in Las Vegas in a cheap, total place, we will return in a big way. Hotel chosen,Best Western Mardi Grass.

Day 2 and 3

There will be time to enjoy Las Vegas, so the best option is to get up early and depart to Zion National Park. If you only have two weeks, you can only be one day, since the hiking route to the Observatory Point It will take you more than 6 hours. This route is without doubt the best view of the entire national park.

  1. Las Vegas - Zion National Park (2h 30 min by car)
  2. Bus tour through the park
  3. Camping in one of the campsites (Watchman Campground).
  4. Hiking trail in Observatory Pointor inAngels Landing
  5. Camping in the national park.

Zion National Park

Day 4

You leave for Bryce Canyon through one of the exits of the park and then sleep outside the national park.

  1. Zion National park - Bryce Canyon (1h 30 min by car)
  2. Route of the viewpoints.
  3. Hiking trail Queen's Garden
  4. Sleep on Panguitch in Marianna Inn Motel.

Queen's Garden

Day 5, 6 and 7

During these days you can enjoy one of the wonders of the United States, Antelope Canyon, swim in an artificial "sea", the Lake Powell or enjoy reservations or cannons aboard a ship.

If you go two weeks, seeing Antelope and Horsebend will be more than enough, but you will stay with honey on your lips.

  1. Panguitch - Page (Lake Powell - 2h 45 min by car)
  2. Enjoy a day bathing in its coves with crystal clear water.
  3. Night in Page.
  4. View at 12pm from Antelope Canyon.
  5. Views to Horseshoe Bend.
  6. Sleep in Page.
  7. Rafting in the Colorado.
  8. Sleep in Page. Chosen option, Knights Inn


Day 8

We start from the crystalline waters of Lake Powell to the far west, where hundreds of western films have been filmed and where John Wayne was one of the true protagonists.

  1. Page -Monument Valley. (2h 30 min by car)
  2. Visit in 4 × 4 a Monument Valley.
  3. Sleep in a campsite outside the park.

Day 9 and 10

Departure to one of the most spectacular corners of the planet, the Grand Canyon of the Colorado.

  1. Monument Valley - Grand Canyon Village. (3h 15 min by car)
  2. Visit to the Grand Canyon viewpoints.
  3. Sleep in the national park. Chosen option, Holiday Inn Express
  4. In the morning make the route in helicopter down the canyon, something unforgettable.
  5. Departure to Las Vegas.

Day 11 and 12

After so much field we decided to return to the big city and enjoy two nights, more than enough, in the city of play and perversion,Las Vegas. Worth?. If you have pasta and if you like the night.

Skip these two days if you go only two weeks.

  1. Grand Canyon -Las Vegas. (4h 30 min by car)
  2. Hoover dam.
  3. Las Vegas
  4. Sleep in Las Vegas.
  5. Walk through the city and through thecasinos.
  6. Go to outlet from outside the city.
  7. Sleep in Las Vegas. Chosen option, Treasure Island, with spectacular views.

Las Vegas

Day 13

We leave for California but first we have to cross the state of Nevada and specifically the death Valley. It is not worth spending the night there, there are hardly any hotels, but some panoramic view along the way is worth it.

  1. Departure from Las Vegas to cross Death valley - Mammoth Lakes. (5h by car)
  2. Death Valley
  3. Stop to eat a good hamburger in the middle of the valley.
  4. Sleep in Mammoth Lakes. Chosen option, Holiday Haus.

Day 14

This day is to see two very different places and at the same time very curious. A lake with strange shapes and odors and a village more than 2,500m from the far west.

  1. Arrival to Bodie and visit the town. (1h 15 min by car)
  2. Visit Monono Lake.
  3. This one enters Yosemite.
  4. Sleep on Yosemite. Chosen option,Curry Village

Panoramic of Mono Lake

Day 15

Yosemite Although it is one of the most crowded national parks, it is worth spending two days touring its paths. Avoid weekends, as the number of visitors is multiplied by two.

  1. Trekking in Yosemite.
  2. Sleep on Curry Village

Day 16

We left Yosemite, although we could have stayed one more day at the majestic sequoias forest, Sequoia National Park. It will be a long day, by the type of road, and then end up in a city with little to do, Visalia.

  1. Departure from Yosemite to Sequoia National Park. (2h 15 min by car).
  2. Walk the trails of the national park.
  3. See the famous General Sherman.
  4. Sleep in Visalia. Chosen option, Visalia Marriot.

Day 17 and 18

We headed to the coast to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time. It is time to rest for two days surrounded by rich and famous in Pacific Groove.

  1. Visalia - Pacific Groove. (3h 15 min by car).
  2. Tour the charming villages and their beaches.
  3. Sleep near the sea in the Monarch Resort

Day 19, 20

Touch to spend a few days in a movie city, the city of San Francisco. The bay is impressive, with the imposing Golden Gate and the mysterious Alcatraz.

  1. Pacific Groove -San Francisco. (2h 15 min by car).
  2. Arrive to San Francisco.
  3. Visit of the city.
  4. Island of Alcatraz.
  5. Chinatown.
  6. Fisherman Wharf
  7. Golden Gate by bike to Sausalito.
  8. Sleep in San Francisco Accommodation in Winsor Hotel.

Golden gate

Day 21

After an excellent trip you have to return to Spain or your destination country. Did you find this itinerary interesting? Leave us a comment!

Before leaving for the United States

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  • Airport Transfers
  • Car rental in USA with a 15% discount
  • The best excursions in the United States

And to finish

It is clear that this itinerary has to be done by car. Remember that in U.S You need an international driving license and you cannot run more than 110 miles per hour on the highway and within the 20 mile parks. Eye, since the policeman It is everywhere.

Lastly, don't forget your travel insurance. We mentioned it above and it is necessary if you travel to the United States. Remember that there the hospitalization costs and the medical centers are private and expensive. Be careful with this, you can take a big scare.