Honduras. Diving in Roatan

Honduras. Diving in Roatan. The Bay islands or Bay Islands, are a group of islands located in the north of Honduraswhose largest island is Roatan. These islands are visited by their white sand beaches and coral reefs, in which there is a magnificent dive. As anecdotal data, the 99% of the people who visit them never set foot on the continent, completely ignoring the real Honduras.

Honduras. Diving in Roatan

Archipelago formed by three islands (Roatan, Utíla and Guanaja) were an old British colony until 1872, year in which they were part of Honduras. Many things remain of the British heritage, such as the high number of inhabitants of African origin, mainly due to slavery, and language. If yes, the language, the Bay Islands have the official language as English, although much of the population speaks Spanish.

Our journey began on the mainland, in the city of Ceiba, after touring part of the interior of the country. La Ceiba has a small port where several fast ferries depart daily for the Bay Islands.

Ferry from La Ceiba

We choose Roatan As a quiet place to rest, after a series of natural disasters that we had to suffer in Honduras and Guatemala. Also since we were here, we would take advantage of the days to make a series of dives, in search of sharks, blankets, lion fish, ..., etc.

Roatan - Honduras

As in many of the Caribbean islands, the best beaches are located in the South, where currents do not usually abound. Many of these beaches are clean, but if we move north, some will be very wild and we will find damage caused by the hurricanes.

Once on the island, we look for a medium-sized hotel with a diving club. The choice was the Privilege Fantasy Hotel, curiously run by a Majorcan.

Roatan - Honduras

Both the hotel and the island were full of friendly animals such as iguanas and monkeys. Moreover, there was an animal resembling a hairless guinea pig, which looked like a giant rat. They told us that more than one tourist had left the hotel because they thought they were rats. Tourists 😀

Iguana in Roatán

We spent 3 days diving, seeing all kinds of fish as well as a couple of beautiful wrecks. One of them artificially sunk together an old plane DC-10. Awesome. Too bad he does not have a water camera in conditions, because the snapshots taken through a disposable camera They were not good at all.

Diving in Roatan

After 3 days, he had to return to the real Honduras, on his way to Livingstone in Guatemala. This is another story ...

Practical data of Roatán

When to go to Roatán?

From June to October it is hurricane season. During this cycle, it usually rains in the afternoon, but sometimes it rains for several days without stopping.

How to get to Roatán?

Most people arrive by plane from their place of origin through a diving pack. If you want to arrive by sea, the nearest port is Ceiba, from where several fast ferries depart for Roatán.

What to wear

Where there is beach and heat, there is a lot of sun and mosquitoes….

Where to sleep in Roatán?

Our choice was thePrivilege Fantasy Hotel, which has a private island that is accessed through a bridge. Not bad, but the food is aimed at an American or obese public :-D.