Lagos de Somiedo, the other side of Asturias (Route and recommendations)


The Somiedo Lakes, the other side of Asturias. He Somiedo Natural Park It is known for being one of the last habitats of the Grizzly In the Iberic Peninsule. Protected animal, enjoy in this area of ​​various areas to which the human being is prohibited from passing. However, there are many routes to enjoy the park, and one of them runs through the large number of lakes that make it up.

Lake El Valle (Somiedo)

Our route today begins at a campsite near the town of Lake valley. Typical locality of the area, where you can not miss the Teito cabins. Construction made of stone and straw, intended for housing, livestock or other necessities.

Somiedo Lakes, the other side of Asturias

From the campsite itself there is a track to the right and well marked to begin the route through the lakes of Somiedo, to the Lake of the valley, which makes it one of the most popular excursions in the area. On the dates I made the route, it was reached through a dirt track, but it gave the sad impression that an asphalted track would not take long to arrive, so today you could find directly on the lake. A real shame.

The lake is quite large and has a small island in the center. It is a point of concentration of many fishermen looking for the Trout perfect Many walkers will stay here, because the image is ideal to pass the idea and eat a good snack. Especially people who walk with children.

Lake El Valle (Somiedo) - Lake El Valle

Starting to surround the lake, by the face where there is a small shelter, we will find a small path that begins to climb the mountain. In this part, you will only cross with mountaineers and at the same time very few people. Climbing little by little, we will leave the lake behind us, as the following photograph shows. Take it as a reference, since on the back of the lake, you can see the track through which we started the route.

Lake El Valle (Somiedo)

At this time, we begin to meet the last snows of last winter. We are at the end of June and there are very few left. In this part of the route, we can ascend various summits, none especially representative. One of the most important is Peña Ortiz, with their 2191m Tall.

Somiedo Lakes

We start down to the left side, looking for the next lake. One of the biggest, the Calabazosa Lake.


This Lake has an asphalted access less than 2 kilometers, so if you do not have much time, I recommend you visit it. It may be that the set ofCovadonga Lagoons be the most famous in Asturias, but personally, the Somiedo Lakes are above them.

Calabazosa Lake (Somiedo)

Bordering the Lake, we will find 2 more lakes, the Lagoon of the Cave and the Cerveriz Lake. The latter could already be seen from the Calabazoza, instead the Cave Lake, is hidden behind the mountain located to the Northwest. Right where you can get there by car.

Cerveriz Lake (Somiedo)

After passing the Lake of Cerveriz, a plain of several kilometers, planted with green and cows, awaits us. The truly Asturias.

Finishing the route through Somiedo

After the plain, we will arrive in a circular way almost the beginning of our route, so the return to our campsite became quite easy. In total about 24 kilometers, not too hard. But with what we really stay, is that the whole of Somiedo Lakes, we liked a lot more than Covadonga.

Practical data Somiedo Lakes, the other side of Asturias

When to go?

In winter it promises to be very beautiful, but Asturian green can only be observed from late spring to late Autumn. In June there is still snow at high levels, but most of the lakes can be reached without problems.

How to get to the lakes of Somiedo?

The route starts from the town Lake valley, inside of Somiedo Natural Park. Very small town but with many accommodation options.

Routes for children in Somiedo

It is best to visit the Laguna del Valle from Valle del Lago or the Calabazosa lagoon. Even the road is smooth and not very complicated.

Where to sleep?

The most economical option is the Somiedo Lakes Camping the clear tent option, but there are also bungalows. This option is only available during Easter and summer. The rest of the year is closed. If you are looking for more comfortable options you have:

  • Hotel Valle del Lago for about 60€.
  • Hotel Rural Somiedo for about 50€.