Cabriel river. Holidays with all kinds of activities to perform

I would never have stopped to think that spending a vacation in the Cabriel river and specifically in Villatoya, in the province of Albacete it would be a good idea. Well, nothing is further from reality, given that this quiet town of less than 200 inhabitants and in conjunction with the Cabriel riverThey offer us everything we can look for. From Bungalows with all kinds of details, spa / spa areas, heated pools and activities of all kinds, without discounting that we have one of the cleanest rivers in all of Europe that curiously in summer is when more water brings.

Bungalows Valle del Cabriel

The Cabriel River and Villatoya

Villatoya It is a small town belonging to the province of Albacete. It is so small that there are hardly any shops and the occasional bar, but thanks to this, tranquility reigns. Around it there are several hotel establishments on the banks of the Cabriel river, the Spa of the Conception and The Cabriel Valley Bungalows.

But the king of this part of Castilla la Mancha It is the river, which curiously brings more water in summer, to delight lovers of water sports. This is because the rice fields of Valencia need a lot of water to survive and since the Cabriel River flows into the Jucar River, a dam located above is open.

Bungalows Valle del Cabriel

Activities in the Cabriel River

Many companies take advantage of the Cabriel River reef by providing different activities for both adults and young children. Activities like the Rafting, Canoeing, Canoes, Hydrospeed, ..., etc. can be hired. However, if you own your own equipment, go ahead, since it is not forbidden to practice it on your own, but it is always advisable to do it with professionals and with the appropriate material.

Cabriel - Rafting / Hiking

For the quieter we always have an excursion furrowing the quiet bank of the river, looking for that idyllic recess to bathe.

Hiking and Mountain Bike

The Cabriel River offers endless hiking and mountain bike routes, which we can do from the same town of Villatoya, or from the vicinity of Venta del Moro or the old N-III. The latter even has a lot of trenches of the Spanish civil war, at the height of the Contreras Reservoir.

From Villatoya we have 10 hiking trails minutes for all levels, from which 9 you can make use of bicycle. The accommodations themselves will provide you with a detailed map with a complete description of each of them.

Cabriel - Hiking / Mountain Bike

Rural tourism

Not everything is sports or relaxation tourism, we can also opt for something with a much more cultural touch. The area contains a multitude of wineries that can be visited, especially if you approach Requena, already in the province of Valencia. We especially recommend wine Azua, with designation of origin of Manchuela, very very rich and if you accompany it with fried manchego cheese, you will embroider it.

Cabriel - Rural Tourism

As a star visit, we recommend you visit Alcalá del Jucar, with its magnificent castle and its people hung in the sickles of the Jucar river.

Practical data

When to go?

During any time of the year, but keep in mind that rafting is practiced from April until the end of September.

How to get?

Curiously, this Eden is visited mainly by people from Valencia or Murcia, probably because of its proximity, but little by little it is discovered by people from the capital.

Coming on the A-3 motorway, we must take the detour from Requena to the Isidros, whenever we come from Valencia and if we come from Madrid, the ideal is to get off at Minglanilla towards Villalpardo.

Where to stay?

We have this simple ... if you tell us about a place where we have 4 swimming pools, two of them heated with SPA area, sports area, barbecues, paelleros, internal activities and Bungalows with all kinds of details and practically new, the option is the Bugalows Rural Cabriel Valley in Villatoya. Especially if you travel in familyIt is highly recommended.