Hiking trails in Scotland, Ben More

Ben More It was the first hiking trails we did on our last trip to Scotland on April. Of scarce 1200m of altitude and with a strong slope, it contrasts perfectly with the prototype of mountain that we are in these latitudes. Located in the Loch Lomond and Los Trossachs National Park It is an ideal place to escape the overcrowding that populate other mountains with more popularity, but not for this more impressive.

Top of Ben More

Hiking trails in Scotland, Ben More

Aerial catastrophes in Ben More

During the Winter of 1973, a passenger plane with 4 passengers on board, took off from the airport Glasgow in order to test several components of the plane. This plane never came back and I just crashed in the skirt of Ben More. The investigation indicated that a failure of attention caused the fatal accident.

40 years later, a paramente with engine ended the life of 2 people. More information in thewikipedia.

Miguel Blanquer

Wasn't Ben More on Mull Island?

Indeed there is not only one Ben More in Scotland but several. Besides, it is not the Ben Nevis although it sounds similar, the highest mountain in Scotland. One of them is located in the Mull Island, near Skye and is considered the highest mountain on the island.

Hiking trails in Scotland, Ben More

Was a rainy day and Very windy which made us think if we should make the route that day or change it for another. At the top it was supposed that there could be gusts of 80/100 kilometers per hour, a whole storm, and for the last straw the water kept falling from the sky. After a long conversation we decided to start the route and carry it out with some calm, knowing that the meteorologist had to improve throughout the day.

We start from the parking lot of Lubhair Lake, since it is forbidden to park in the houses that are at the end of this and where the beginning of the route is really marked. This leads to travel 1 kilometer stuck to the road, until we see an indication on the left side, quite hidden by the trees. From here we will begin to walk along a series of agricultural roads, forgetting about correctly marked paths, so the map is essential if there is bad weather.

Loch Lubhair

We left the agricultural tracks at 2 kilometers and began a steep ramp with hardly any zig zags that would take us to the top, although this was not seen by the fog. In the distance, however, a glimmer of hope was glimpsed and the weather would change rapidly. Why very simple, the strong winds made the clouds move very quickly so we would change the rain for hurricane winds.

Ben More

The rain stopped and a pretty one appeared rainbow on the horizon The blizzard in many situations forced us to rest on the ground because it directly threw us towards it. Higher up it would become more dangerous as we approached a ravine located at the beginning on the right side and then on the left side.

Ben More

We did not have time to stop and have a snack or chocolate. There is no place of refuge from the strong wind and it was to make an attempt to open the backpack so that things flew out through the air. The good thing about all this is that in the end the storm subsided and like the rain, this was gradually disappearing. What a luck of ours !!

Ben More

From 1000m we find sections with enough snow and worst of all, totally frozen. We were wearing crampons ready but we look for an alternative by the rocks to avoid putting them on. We found another way and this finally led us to the top, although there was some time we crawled a little because of the ice formed on the rocks.

Ben More

Once in the top, we observe the Stob Binnein in the background completely clear. This peak is usually done in conjunction with Ben More, but we decided not to do it due to lack of time, not to feel like it.

Top of Ben More

The descent is very rewarding because the views that accompany us were impressive. The photos may not prove so much, but I think they are worth it. Later, just on the hill between the two mountains we will have to turn to the right side to take the road back.

Stob Binnein

The descent is a bit boring and even more because we had to walk through mounds of grass that in most cases are up to water. Be careful if you fall ... you get wet for sure. Unlike other European mountains where grass and water is synonymous with underground stream, because of the holes in the ground, there are very few here. Luckily, but the descent would be endless.

Descending the Ben More

Further down there are several waterfalls, which although they do not pass through the road, it was worth diverting a bit to observe them. They are all on the right side and I got the impression that in summer They may be dry.

Descending the Ben More

Already at the bottom, next to a mighty stream there is a forest track that led us to the road that communicates with the Lubhair Lake. They were several kilometers and we ended up getting together at the turnoff that led us previously to the top of Ben More.

Descending the Ben More

Already back to the car and taking advantage that we were next to a lake, we took a sandwich and certain horned sheep They approached us thinking that we would invite them for lunch. Sorry friends, it is forbidden to feed the animals and even more when we were canines :-D.

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Practical data

Before leaving for Scotland

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  • The best excursions in the Highlands

When to go?

The snows begin to disappear at the end of the month of April. Before it is necessary to carry the appropriate material to undertake it, but it does not present great difficulties, only physical ones. The best thing about this mountain is that it does not have as much massification as other great acquaintances, Ben Nevis ósimilares.

How to get?

Since Edinburgh we take the road to Stirling, famous for its castle. From here we continue towards Callander until you take the A-85 in the direction Crianlarich. When we get to a lake called Lubhair (Without directions) we must leave the car right in the small parking lot available. Later it will not be possible to park.

Where to stay

We stayed in the quiet town of Callander, at the Bread & Breakfast Abbotsfordlodge. Cozy and cheaper place in the area, not cheap.

Who can come to this route?

People with good legs and that they have no qualms when walking on unmarked roads or directly without paths.

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