The 7 sisters of Moscow. Stalin's skyscrapers


The 7 sisters of Moscow or also known as Stalin skyscraper, are a set of buildings located in the city of Moscow which share a very similar architecture. With a rough appearance and perhaps a bit cold, they surprise the naked eye because of its height and its character so marked in the Soviet style of the time.

View to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The 7 sisters of Moscow, Russia

Curiously there were seven skyscrapers but eight. A number specially chosen to celebrate the eighth centenary of Moscow. The project that began to be developed in the early 1930s began with the palace of the Soviets, the tallest building of all and the only one that did not end due to the start of the Second World War.

Map of the 7 sisters - Red square in red

Its location was planned on the grounds of the oldCathedral of Christ the Savior and for that reason it was demolished. Years later, after paralyzing the project, the new cathedral was built and the Soviets palace project was suspended.

Cathedral of Christ the Savior

The rest of "sisters" began to be built on the west side of the city, all very similar but with different heights. These today house luxurious hotels, public buildings or apartments, many of them can be visited.

Moscow State University

One of the most visited places in Moscow is the Gorrione Hills. A small mountain where a ski jumping platform sits and the best views of the city. These point directly to the Luzhnikí stadium, where the Moscow Spartak. It also has a nice view of the new financial district.

Moscow financial district from the hill

But right behind this viewpoint is theMoscow university, encompassed within the seven sisters of Moscow. With the star at its highest point, it is reflected every morning in the pond located just in front. Its height is 240 meters and it has 36 floors.

Moscow University

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Very close to the tourist street Arbat there is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the square of Smolenskaya. So large that it is difficult to capture in a single photograph if we do not carry a wide angle or see it from the top of one of the nearby buildings.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Kotelnicheskaya Naberezhnaya Building

Another of the seven sisters is the building ofKotelnicheskaya Naberezhnayaby the river Moscow. It is not the tallest with its 176 meters high and 32 floors, but its role differs greatly from other sisters. It is neither a hotel nor a government building as many of its floors are used as luxury apartments.

The 7 sisters of Moscow

Kudrinskaya Square Building

Located in Kudrinskaya Square, it has 43 floors and 157 meters high. Like the previous building, it is intended for tourist offices and apartments.

Stalin's skyscrapers

Hotel Ukraine

Another building on the banks of the Moskva River is the Hotel Ukraine of the chainRadisson-Royal. It rises to 198 meters and 34 floors, being the last sister to be built. It was also a record hotel until 1976. Until then it was the tallest hotel in the world.

The 7 sisters of Moscow. Stalin's skyscrapers

Hotel Leningrad (Hilton) and red door square building

The Leningrad Hotel belongs to the famous Hilton chain and is one of the smallest sisters with 136 meters high and 26 floors. It is located very close to the train station of Leningradiskiy. Landmark to travel to St. Petersburg.

Hilton Moscow

In the photo and located to the left of the Hilton, we have the red door square building, the last of the seven sisters to comment. It is the shortest with 133 meters high and possibly the least interesting.

Practical data

When to go to Moscow?

The best time to enjoy Moscow is all that alien to winter, unless you want to enjoy the city with snow, which gives it a very special touch, and with cold. If snow and cold is not an impediment, why not, you can visit Moscow at any time of the year.

True, in summerWhen you can walk in a short sleeve, enjoy the sun in each park and also, you can walk without having to get your feet wet is priceless. At this time the trip is much more comfortable, with less clothes to wear and more appetizing walks because of the weather so good that you can find in summer.

How to move around Moscow?

The best is undoubtedly elmetro of Moscow, fast and very efficient. You buy a bonus of 1 day or several days and it comes out super profitable. For example the 3-day in Moscow usually goes to 350 rubles. However, if we want to go comfortable, Uber works in the city by the hand of Yandex which allows you to pay in cash or by card.

Tours and excursions (without waiting for queues)

If you do not want to wait in line and you also want to book your visits to Moscow in advance, we recommend you see the following tours:

  • River Cruise
  • Moscow Metro Tour (super interesting)
  • Communist Moscow Tour
  • Nine centuries of Russian history
  • Bus tour
  • Moscow City Pass (Save money!)

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Where to eat or dine in Moscow?

Treat yourself to any of the restaurants we recommend, all in privileged places. It would be a crime not to visit at least one of our list.

Where to sleep in Moscow?

If you are going to stay in Moscow we recommend that you look at the following hotels. Remember that if the subway is near You will be in less than 10 or 20min anywhere in the city. The subway is very fast.

Low price

  • Vavilon Hotel. Small hotel in the center from € 20
  • Retro Hotel In Arbat from € 18
  • MiniHotel Dvoryanskoe Gnezdo na Sukharevke. Small hotel in the center from € 20

Half price

  • Spektr Hotel on Taganskaya. With Wifi and next to the subway from € 75
  • Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya. 5 minutes from the subway and 20 minutes from the Red Square. From € 70
  • Peking Hotel Just two metro stops from the Kremlin. From € 67
  • Grand Hotel Belorusskaya. Next to the subway and 3 minutes from San Nicolás. From € 60
  • Ibis Moscow Dynamo. Cheap, but far. About 15min from the subway. From € 40
  • Holiday Inn Moscow Simonovsky. Next to the subway, luxury and from € 60

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