Maspalomas, dunes beyond the desert

It may seem to you that the dunes of Maspalomas is one of those long beaches full of tourists, which it is, but nobody can refute you that the sunrises and the tiny desert that the escort is able to erase from your mind any sign of massification. A simple walk, a moment like the one we are going to tell you about this area of ​​Gran Canaria, is the closest thing to walking alone through the Sahara desert.

A walk through Maspalomas between images

The first time we saw Maspalomas we were barely six years old. The memories that wandered in our minds about Maspalomas were large "mountains" of sand capable of swallowing anyone. Far from reality they are, and after more than 30 years of that event, it is when we see that Maspalomas is a monument that nature has created and that man, under his yoke and caprice, has been able to enclose himself in a protected space next to huge hotels.


The hotels act as a wall or border with this A natural space, and although it is one of the areas with the greatest tourist influx in Gran Canaria, it is easy to feel alone and sheltered by the vastness of the dunes of Maspalomas.

A unique dawn

The first day we were in Gran Canaria we got up just when the sun was making a presence. The idea was to run along the beach, but when you see that golden color merging with the sea and the dunes of Maspalomas the first thing that comes to mind is, catch the camera!

With the running shoes and the camera in tow we start from the Palm Beach Hotel, at the west end of the dunes. We walk along the beach, practically empty, with fewer tourists than you can count on one hand. The feeling was somewhat unheard of, we were already in one of the most impressive beaches of the island "alone". It may not be Menorca, but Menorca has no such beaches.


Scenes like the previous two are lived at dawn. They are scenes that captivate you and that make you fall in love with a place like this. If we fell in love with a town in the interior of Gran Canaria as Tejeda, Maspalomas won us as a beach and as a natural space.

Maspalomas Pond

But Maspalomas are not only dunes and a long beach. On the west end, almost unnoticed, is the Maspalomas Pond. As with the beach and the dunes at dawn, the pond was at its fullest life. It is the moment when birds They do not feel cornered and invaded by the noise or the eyes of man.

Maspalomas Pond
Maspalomas Pond

I don't know if the same thing happens to us, but when we saw these images through the viewfinder of our camera, we thought, is this the tourist Maspalomas?

Practical data

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