Pyrenees. Snowshoe route in the Aran Valley, Beret

One of the best known routes of Pyrenees for snowshoe hiking is the part of Beret untilMontgarri, a small town hidden between the mountains and inaccessible by road in winter. Apart from this route, two more, more complicated, depart from Beret, towards the Cap des Closos and the Pedescau Tuc, two peaks that far exceed 2,000m and ideal for practicing this sport.

Plat de Beret - Tuc de Pedescau

On our visit to the Aran Valley, one of the several routes with snowshoes that we did went toPedescau Tuc, with more than 2,350m and with views of both the valley and Beret really impressive.

Snowshoe route

The route starts from the parking lot of Plat de Beret, a parking lot located at the end of the road C-28 just before reaching Baqueira Beret, about 10 km. During the ski season the parking lot is usually up, which should get up early. However, if there is no place, many people leave the car right at the entrance of the parking lot on the side of the road. Ideally, park in the background, where the route begins.

Plat de Beret

From the beginning you have to put on the rackets and start attacking the top. The road is sometimes marked by other walkers or cross-country skiers, but beware, it is better to follow the track since it is possible that there are multiple paths so it is easy to get lost.

Snow rackets

He ascent begins little by little leaving behind Plat de Beret by a slope not too steep, where after an hour you will reach another valley. Many people take the top on the left, but the best option is to cross a small river and go down the hillside to the right.

Snow rackets
Plat de Beret - Tuc de Pedescau

Before reaching the top there is a great slope that must be taken little by little. If there is bad weather, it is better to turn around, since it is a very clear area and it is possible to fall or put your foot in a soft snow raft.

Already on the descent we choose to make a "straight" and cross the pine forest. Snowshoeing is very fun if you have enough technique or use them properly. Here we give you a series of tips for both down and rackets.

Tips for using snowshoes

First of all we should know that snowshoes should never be used on stone or asphalt. It should always be used on softer surfaces or places where the tips can stick. After all, its use is not to sink in the snow. This way they will last longer and you will not fall to the ground.

Climbing with snowshoes

To climb you always have to loosen the part racket rear so that the heel is free. With this we get you to feel softer and a feeling of not walking like a robot. It is important before having adjusted the rackets very well to your feet, since depending on the quality of these it is very possible that they become unfit and you have to be stopping all the time.

Snow rackets

Going down with snowshoes

Getting off is the most fun and if you're not afraid, you can get down relatively quickly and even jumping. If the snow is very soft, try it, it is a joy. As?. Squeeze the heel hitch so that the racket does not go loose. Then start always lowering with the body thrown back, so that you are not afraid and the center of gravity does not make you go forward.

What to take on this route?

Never forget on these types of routes take:

  • Sticks and snow rackets.
  • Feather lining, Primaloft or fleece.
  • Leggings.
  • Waterproof.
  • Gloves and hat.
  • Sunglasses.
  • A GPS or map.
  • Water and food

Plat de Beret - Tuc de Pedescau

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