Where to hire the best travel insurance for New York


Hiring insurance deviation for New York is no nonsense. If you go with a travel agency practically all of them offer it for a simple reason, health in the United States is very expensive and anything that can happen to you can be a real ruin.

Still do not put your hands to your head. You might not even have thought about it, but don't worry, he travel insurance for New York is very cheap And after reading the following, you are sure to take a weight off.

Hire travel insurance for New York?

Traveling to the United States can be expensive

We have already traveled three times to New York and have heard many stories of people who have traveled there or to the United States. Perhaps you are one of the many travelers who think that if you travel to first world countries nothing can happen to you, it is possible, but you have to take into account one thing, what we call Public health in Spain is something unique in the world.

Travel insurance for New York

Having to visit a hospital for a simple cold, a cold, an ankle sprain, a small accident doing untour in New York or a stomach flu, very typical things when you leave the home sweet home, it has become a classic for many travelers. In the case of the United States or New York, anything that happens to you must be paid if or if, and not five or ten euros, visits to a doctor start at € 100 easily. Besides, travel insurance is for much more. With such restriction and control to enter New York or the United States lose luggage It has become commonplace and with travel insurance this "toothache" pain can help you with some financial compensation. You are still thinking it?. Well, you have no excuses, read on. 🙂

Offer for followers of our blog

We don't want to fool you, a travel insurance company contacted us by viewing our blog and especially by our positioning in Google. Tell you that this company offered us to make a discount of a 5% to our readers if they decide to take out travel insurance with them. And why don't we think? If it is good for our followers it is good for us.

How much does travel insurance to New York cost?

The price may vary depending on the number of days, but applying the Free Travel discount in Iati your travel insurance for New York could cost you the following:

1 week2 weeks
Basic Iati24,84 €43,73 €
Iati Standard25,11 €44,05 €
Iati Star42,57 €77,23 €

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Advantages of travel insurance

In this case, the company Iati, reference in travel insurance, we have proposed minimum conditions of the type if you take out travel insurance for New York:

  • Power cancel it at any time, since you can regret it once you have bought it
  • Medical assistance in the country
  • Theft and damage to luggage
  • Criminal defense, everything can happen outside
  • Repatriation and displacement of a relative As minimum
  • Disability or death accident guarantee
  • Foreign stay expenses
  • Send of medicines
  • And finally, advance of funds

And if you still have doubts, let's give examples of situations that could happen during a stay in New York or the United States:

  • Lost luggage
  • Any illness or accident is a ruin. It is always better to go to a private hospital
  • You don't know the language, the insurance company can speak for you
  • A motorcycle or car accident
  • A simple cold, pneumonia
  • Any type of setback that involves an operation such as appendicitis, etc.
  • A sting or bite of any animal
  • An accident when you practice any sport
  • A stroke, a fall or a simple infection
  • A sudden illness of a relative


If you are willing to move on, take out travel insurance for New York and also take a 5% discount just click on the following button. It will take you to the Iati insurance page, calculate your budget and you will see that in the end they will apply the 5% discount. Remember, they will only apply if you access their page from Travel for free. Good luck and a good trip!

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