Route to Urbión Peak from the Black Lagoon


The route to the peak of Urbión from the Laguna Negra is in the Sierra de los Picos de Urbión between the margins of the province of Soria and La Rioja. It is a mountain of 2228 meters high and easily accessible in summer. In winter things change for snow and ice although the difficulty cannot be considered high.

Route to Urbión Peak from the Black Lagoon

Route to Urbión peak from the Black Lagoon (Soria)

We have climbed the peak of Urbión on several occasions, both in summer and winter and as usual, things change a lot. The winter route to the peak of Urbión is commented a long time ago and today we will focus on your summer option, the busiest of all.

On the way to the black lagoon

In summer there is no snow, not even a small snow, but this does not mean that the area is very green and almost all its streams flow normally. Certainly there are certain waterfalls that are almost dry, like the one that falls towards the black lagoon, but removing this negative point the rest is very worthwhile.

Route to Urbión Peak

The route to Urbión

The route starts from the parking lot of the Black Lagoon (1570m). A parking lot that has a cost of 4€ plus a bus option that saves you 2 kilometers per 1,20€. We ignored it since we came to walk and therefore this section we did walking.

CoordinatesN41 59.908 W2 49.574
DifficultyLow / Medium
Approximate duration3 to 4 hours
Total ascent654m
Total descent654m
Maximum altitude2228m

A simple section that runs along the road or a path to your left until you find the Laguna Negra.

Visit to the Black Lagoon of Soria

The black lagoon is crossed by a path that is built until it reaches its end, where the beginning of the route to the Urbión peak is marked. Curiously, this first section, from the lagoon to the top of the lagoon, is the hardest part of the entire route. Especially because of the steep terrain and how susceptible it is to slipping. Apart from this it does not have great complexity.

Route to Urbión peak from the Black Lagoon (Soria)

Once up the views of the lagoon are very good. There are several viewpoints, some a little hidden, where choosing any of them will be a wise option. Especially if we spend some time resting or having lunch.

Visit the Black Lagoon of Soria

Once we leave the views of the black lagoon, we take the only path that leads us to the route to the peak of Urbión. It has no loss and it is easy to follow, unless we give up and take a path created by the cows in the area.

Route to Urbión peak from the Black Lagoon (Soria)

In this section there are still trees and just when we leave them we will climb a long slope to end up seeing Urbión's peak in the distance.

Urbion Peak

From here we will no longer have shade and in summer the heat usually hits hard. There are areas with some water that occur that can become contaminated by the feces of cows, especially in the long lagoon We will see later.

Route to Urbión Peak

The long lagoon is an extension of shallow water and where it is common to see birds and cattle. There is a lot of vegetation in it so it is not very common to bathe in it. This is bordered by its right side to later begin a new climb that will reach a place where good ice sheets are mounted in winter.

Long Lagoon

For example, in this part of the section we stopped seeing Urbión peak for just 5 minutes. We are already above 2000 meters and we know that there is not much left to reach its peak.

Route to Urbión Peak from the Black Lagoon

After the previous section we have again before our eyes the peak of Urbión. On the top you can see 2 people, who told me that they had climbed since Covaleda.

Route to Urbión Peak from the Black Lagoon

As we begin to climb the last section we will pass through a curious stone bridge surrounded by rock formations that are not seen in other places in the mountains. I am not an expert in the field but they had a volcanic appearance.

Route to Urbión Peak from the Black Lagoon

A few meters from the top we can see the north face of Urbión peak and with the Urbión Lagoon not too far. We will have to visit it another day and eye, do not confuse it with the Urbión Black Lagoon.

Urbión Lagoon

However the last step to get to the top It has no complexity. Even so, eye because an inopportune slip could have a fatal fall. Ideally, spend little time next to the cross and look for a more comfortable place with good views.

Urbion Summit

From above any place is good. Views of a mountain range perhaps a little valued but that keeps many charms. A place that from traveling for free we recommend you visit.

Views from the top of Urbión

Practical data

How to get to the Black Lagoon of Soria?

It is normal to start from the town of Vinuesa where there is a fairly important hotel and camping offer. Taking the SO-830 northbound we will soon see the signs to the Black Lagoon. By the way, beware of GPS. To go up to the parking lot of the Black Lagoon you go up one road in one direction and go down another. Google Maps has to make mistakes and send us by prohibited address, be careful.

How much does the black lagoon parking cost?

Parking costs 4€ and hop on the bus to the base of the lagoon 1.20€. The bus schedule is limited from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. between July and the first week of September. In winter the parking is not charged but it is usual to require chains to get to the top. The bus leaves every 30 minutes.

Is the route complicated?

Not too much. Calmly, if your physical condition is not very bad, you can reach the summit without problems.

Can you bathe in the Black Lagoon?

The bathroom is prohibited. We recommend you visit the Cuerda del Pozo reservoir and the Pita beach.

Where to sleep in the area?

There is a very large offer, both of hotels and campsites thanks to the Cuerda del pozo and its magnificent beaches.

  • Hotel Virginia R.H: comfortable hotel and impeccable appearance.
  • Hotel Rural Santa Inés: located on the outskirts of Vinuesa in a privileged rural environment.
  • Hostal Revinuesa: economic option, very comfortable and with excellent terrace.

Rent a car to go to the Black Lagoon