Visit to the Black Lagoon of Soria

One of the natural wonders of Castilla y León is the visit to the black lagoon from Soria, within the margins of the Laguna Negra natural park and the Urbión Glacier Circuses. A lake of glacial origin located at 1773 meters high and easily accessible in summer and not so much in the harsh winters.

Visit to the Black Lagoon of Soria

Visit to the Black Lagoon (Soria)

First of all it is necessary to comment that Lagunas Negras in Spain there are many and coincidentally there is one not very far away in the neighboring province of Burgos. Specifically the black lagoon of Neila. So watch when you put the GPS ;-).

Views from above to the Black Lagoon

The black lagoon of Soria It is located in an incomparable setting near the town of Vinuesa. Surrounded by steep walls on one side and by the greater extent of wild pine forest in the whole country on the other side. Therefore it is not so complicated to cross with deer, roe deer, wild boar or nice squirrels on the way to the lagoon.

Upper parking of the lagoon

Visit the black lagoon

For the visit to the black lagoon we must move to the town of Vinuesa, in Soria. From there take a detour that will leave us in the parking lot of the lagoon after driving for 30 minutes along narrow roads. The parking has a cost of4€ and then you have to walk for 20/30 minutes (2 kilometers) to the base of the lagoon. A path that can be made very long for children for something more than100 meters of unevenness. Therefore we advise you to take the bus (1.20€) that leaves from 10 in the morning and leaves us less than 5 minutes from the lagoon.

On the way to the black lagoon

If we choose to walk, the path from the first parking can be done in two ways. One is to follow the road where the bus passes. Another is to follow a path between the trees on the left bank of the road. The first is logically uglier but in turn is faster.

Visit to the Black Lagoon of Soria

From the 2nd parking lot there are only 100/200 meters to the Black Lagoon, where access is very simple and even adapted for the disabled. In fact the lagoon is bordered by a path of walkways in a very comfortable way until you reach the end of the lagoon. It is at that point where the route to urbion peak or the top views of the Black Lagoon.

Eye to this stretch

Of course, keep in mind that this section is not suitable for young children since the rocks come off easily and the ground slips a lot. Moreover, in winter this part requires crampons. You can see the area in our article Ascension to Urbión Peak in spring.

Visit the Black Lagoon of Soria

Practical data

How to get to the Black Lagoon of Soria?

It is normal to start from the town of Vinuesa where there is a fairly important hotel and camping offer. Taking the SO-830 northbound we will soon see the signs to the Black Lagoon. By the way, beware of GPS. To go up to the parking lot of the Black Lagoon you go up one road in one direction and go down another. Google Maps has to make mistakes and send us by prohibited address, be careful.

How much does the black lagoon parking cost?

The parking costs € 4 and climb by bus to the base of the lagoon € 1.20. The bus schedule is limited from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. between July and the first week of September. It leaves every 30 minutes. In winter the parking is not charged but it is usual to require chains to get to the top.

Is the area overcrowded?

On weekends there are usually quite a lot of people, but usually it goes up without problems if we do it before 11 in the morning. If we can't wait for queues when paying for parking.

One tip, get up early if you go up in Holy Week (08: 00-10: 00). The queues can be endless.

Can you bathe in the Black Lagoon?

Bathing is prohibited, it is not like in LasLagunas de Ruidera in Castilla la Mancha. We recommend you visit the Cuerda del Pozo reservoir and the Pita beach.

Is it necessary to have a good physical condition?

No, especially if we take the bus.

Can you buy drinks in the area?

Yes. In the two car parks there is a small bar where they serve drinks and some food. There is also a restaurant 500 meters from the first parking lot.

Is it adapted for people with reduced mobility?

Yes. The entire margin of the lagoon can be traveled in a wheelchair.

Wooden walkway

Where to sleep in the area?

There is a very large offer, both of hotels and campsites thanks to the Cuerda del pozo and its magnificent beaches.

  • Hotel Virginia R.H: comfortable hotel and impeccable appearance.
  • Hotel Rural Santa Inés: located on the outskirts of Vinuesa in a privileged rural environment.
  • Hostal Revinuesa: economic option, very comfortable and with excellent terrace.

Rent a car to go to the Black Lagoon