Italy. Amalfi Coast and its fairytale villages

The Amalfi Coast It is a group of small towns hanging on vertiginous cliffs whipped by a turquoise sea. This place of story brings millions of tourists every year and it is not surprising since traveling its narrow roads lead us to enjoy one of the best RoadTrips of Europe.


Amalfi Coast - What to see on the Amalfi Coast

Where do we meet

The Amalfi Coast is in the region ofCampania (Italy), south of the City of Naples. More specifically, it is located south of the Sorrento Peninsula whose tour begins in Salerno and ends in Positano, although the ideal is to finish at the western tip of the Peninsula to enjoy a sunset enjoying the views of the island of Capri.

Starting from Pompeii (Pompei)

Our case was particular, we took the historic city of Pompeii, unlike most people who start in Naples. It was a very windy and cloudy day, with a constant threat of rain (we covered ourselves with glory ...) and instead of heading towards Salerno, we headed towards Ravello. The day did not accompany to see theVesuvius volcano and he had to keep dizzy with such a curve.

Vesuvius volcano

Atrani and Ravello

We arrived to Ravello and we found the first complications of the trip. The Villas Rufolo and Cimbrone They were closed for maintenance ... puff winter stuff. It is not that the villas were spectacular, but that from there they take magnificent photos of the coast and Ravello himself. Too bad, for the best occasion it will be.

Amalfi Coast - Atrani

Going down towards the coast we will pass by Atrani, where we began to see the typical impossible houses hanging from the ravines. How will they get there? By car of course not… Small legs have to have the locals 😀.


Very close to Atrani is the town that gives its name to the coast, Amalfi It is probably along with Positano, the most beautiful in the area.

Upon arrival we put the car in the only underground parking (unless we saw) of the entire coast, which made us save time on our trip. Parking in this place is an impossible task ... believe me. More than anything because there are no gaps and if by chance you are lucky ... it sure is an exclusive area for locals and fines run everywhere for those who skip the rules, eye.

Amalfi Coast - Amalfi

Not everything is beautiful views, the town is a must not only for its splendid Cathedral but for its marked atmosphere of narrow alleys. It is also the starting point of numerous trekkings of the area, like the Way of the Gods, which would lead us to Sorrento Through the mountains

Amalfi Coast - Amalfi

Finally we went down to the port, while clouds were approaching with the face of few friends. However, they were blandengues and did not drop a single droplet.

Amalfi Coast - Amalfi


We set course for Positano, going by Praiano and making a fruitless stop at the Emerald Grotto, famous for its stalactites and stalagmites, the crystalline waters of greenish hue where boat routes can be made. Unfortunately it was closed, more winter stuff ?, so we continued towards Praiano, stopping at Marina di Praia, a spectacular beach encased between cliffs.

Amalfi Coast - Positano

We arrived to Positano and we left the car a couple of kilometers from the entrance. We probably traveled about 7 kilometers between seeing the town and where the car was parked, yes, at least it gave me time to photograph on the way to half a dozen beautiful Fiat 500, this one by the way a little one-eyed. Can you imagine how it will be in summer? The parking problem is very serious eye.

Amalfi Coast - Fiat 500

Its churches may not be a big deal, but losing you through its countless alleys will not disappoint any visitor, even more so if we end up having a piece of pizza in the International Coffee. Eye to the little cuestecitas, they are so steep that in summer it will cost to raise them if you do not carry a bottle of water under the arm.

Views of Capri Island

It was starting to get dark and our trip was about to end (in winter it gets dark at 5:15 p.m.) and we headed to I finished to make a small trekking of 3 kilometers that will take us to a Lighthouse where there are unbeatable views of the Capri Island. The ideal place to end our day.

Amalfi Coast - Capri

Practical data - Tips on the Amalfi Coast

When to go to the Amalfi Coast?

We must ask this question according to what we seek. If, for example, we choose Summer, we will have the possibility to bathe in its beautiful turquoise blue beaches, but we run the risk of seeing everything crowded with tourists. The rest of the year, except Easter, you can visit quietly, but for example in winter we will find many closed establishments, especially hotels.

How to get to the Amalfi Coast?

There are two ways to enjoy this place: in car (see discounts that we have collected) or in bus. The first gives you a complete freedom of action, but the limited parking in the area can be a real headache, not counting the kilometer traffic jams that form in summer. It is just this season when the bus is the best option without a doubt.

There are several buses that link Amalfi with Naples, Sorrento or Salerno, and from Amalfi itself another series of buses that travel along the coast to Positano. To look for SITA since the schedules change every year. The buses that arrive are the 5020 (4 daily) and the 5080 (+8 daily), starting from Naples and ending in Amalfi. To go to Positano We must take a private shuttle.

The tickets They cannot be purchased on the bus. These are sold in tobacco stores, stationery stores, cafes, bars, newspaper kiosks and Sita offices.

Summing up ... in summer bus, the rest of the year by car if you can afford it. Parking can be a real headache.

In the case of fly to Naples, we recommend that you use the following search engine, since it compares the cheapest flights:

Search engine for cheap flights to Italy

How to move along the Amalfi Coast?

There are buses that run through most villages. The main line circulates between Amalfi and Sorrento, stopping in Positano, Praiano among others, from 06:30 and 20:00 approximately. The ticket costs between 2.20€ and 3.40€ depending on the duration of the trip. There is a travel voucher for 3 days with a cost of 16€. These buses have space to store luggage.

The tickets They cannot be purchased on the bus. These are sold in tobacco stores, stationery stores, cafes, bars, newspaper kiosks and Sita offices.

Ferry to Capri

To Capri Island From the Amalfi coast you can arrive by ferry from Sorrento or even from Positano. From Sorrento it takes 20 minutes and there are many ferries a day. From Positano between 30 min and 1h, and there are very few options available.

Where to sleep?

We stayed in Pompeii, looking for a quiet place near the coast (1h). The place is called B&B Eco Pompei. (Via Sacra 29, Pompei) and I really recommend it. Free parking, Internet, breakfast included and modern rooms as in the best hotels at the price of Bed & Breakfast.

Hotels along the Amalfi Coast

  • Amalfi Holiday Resort: comfortable hotel with pool and free wifi.
  • Hotel Miramalfi: Wonderful views of the town of Amalfi and with a pool that seems suspended in the sky. It also has an ideal terrace for a drink or even dinner.
  • Florida Residence: located in the upper part of Positano, it offers one of the best views of the town.
  • Palazzo Marzoli resort: great rooms in a very Italian hotel. Positano

Tours in the area

If you do not have time and want to organize everything, here are several Spanish tours in the area:

Hire excursion to the Amalfi Coast

Recommended places around

  • The famous Vesuvius volcano.
  • The incredible Paestum at only 1 hour.
  • Herculaneum Lasruinas
  • Pompeii

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