Guadarrama Route through the High Reajo and the Peña del Buitre

Today we have a simple routefor all audiences and ideal to go both in winter and summer. It is a small crossing with little 'traffic' of people, or rather none, except for the small parking lot that is at the exit. It is a route with great views of the Lozoya valley from the rope that goes to the High Reajo and the Rock of the Vulture.

High Reajo

Route through the High Reajo and the Peña del Buitre

The crossing starts from the small parking lot in the Navafría Port, a few kilometers from the town of Lozoya. From this car park there are two interesting routes, those that go west to Pico del Nevero, if you have not seen this article you can not stop taking a look, and those that go to the east tailpiece, towards the Peña del Vulture.

In the Port of Navafría there are two possibilities to park, in the parking that there is before reaching the top of the port or in the same port, right next to the exit of the route and that has a capacity for about 8 cars in summer and 3 or 4 in winter, it all depends on the amount of snow accumulated on the road.

High Reajo

This area is known because it is frequented by cross-country skiers, that in addition to hiking trails, there are marked routes for the practice of this sport.

Being one linear path, do not circulate, all the way we travel to the High Reajo and the Peña del Vultre will have to do it again but in reverse. In this route it is difficult to get lost and perhaps the only difficulty is to find a small revolving door not far from the parking lot, which is the entry point to the path. Once there you take a path that acts as a firewall and has a fairly steep slope, but do not worry, it is only this small section, do not forget that we start from 1,800m and the top does not exceed 2,100m and must be traveled in 6km , sucked !.

High Reajo

Once past the ramp, all that remains is a succession of straight, small ascents and descents to the top. In winter it is a classic that there is a lot of wind, so let's not forget a good coat and windshield, that reaching the top and not going to the top because of the wind is a crime…

High Reajo

Practical data

When to go?

Guadarrama is accessible all year round, but from January to March it is when the greatest amount of snow is concentrated, so before leaving on these dates, let's look at the weather and make sure we wear the right clothes.

How to get?

From Madrid on the A1 direction Burgos take the turn off Scratching. Once we reach the town of Lozoya, turn right onto the M-637 towards Puerto de Navafría.

Where to sleep?

On the route there are several very flat mountain areas for camping in summer, but if you want to sleep comfortably and comfortably there are 3 villages not far from this route that offer many places to stay, Lozoya, Rascafría and La Granja.